7 Misconceptions about Knee Joint Replacement Surgery

There is a lot of controversy and confusion amongst people concerning the right age and the right time to get a knee replacement surgery. Many people also fear the post surgery complications and have doubts about returning to their normal activities after the surgery. We try to bust most of the misconceptions surrounding Total Knee Replacement Surgery in the pointers below.

Let’s have a look at the misconceptions surrounding Knee Joint Replacement Surgery:

  • Long Rehabilitation Period: A myth that can finally be busted! The introduction of ‘rapid recovery programs’ is a boon for people who feared spending too many days on rehabilitation after undergoing total knee replacement Surgery. This new approach aims at reducing both pain and swelling within the joint to allow a faster recovery with lesser pain so that the patient can return to his regular, day-to-day activities.
  • Difficulty in Bending Knee after Surgery: Most of the patients have serious concerns about not being able to bend their joints properly after a total knee replacement surgery. If you follow all your rehabilitation protocols and knee pain treatment pointers then your new implants will easily allow you to have a full normal and healthy range of motion.
  • Too Young or Too Old to Undergo Surgery: The youngest patient to undergo total knee replacement was a 42-year-old woman, while the oldest was a 98-year-old man. Both are absolutely fit and fine after their respective surgeries and have reported zero post-surgery complications.
  • Two Knees in One-Go is Risky: In fact, it’s advantageous to opt for both, right and left knee surgeries together. According to orthopaedic surgery specialists, you will have to visit the hospital only once and both knees will quickly recuperate together.
  • Permanent Restrictions after Surgery: Follow the rehabilitation regime as advised by your Knee Specialist in Mumbai and you will be absolutely fine to resume your normal activities. In fact, there have been examples of many famous sports personalities who were completely written off by media after major knee injuries, returning absolutely fit to play their favourite game.
  • Knee Implants are Temporary or Do Not Last Long: Studies have demonstrated that 85% of the knee implants placed 18 years ago are still functioning well. After a full recovery, go for walks, practice low-impact aerobic exercises, take your bicycle and go for a long ride; all these fun activities will increase the impact of your implants.
  • My Knees after Replacement will feel Artificial: There have been many technological advances in implants over the years. A customized knee implant will look natural and never give the feeling that you are wearing something artificial.

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