ABC Of Shoulder Replacement Surgery

What Is Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery?

Shoulder joint replacement surgery is a procedure to replace the diseased shoulder joint with an artificially designed prosthesis which performs the functions of a healthy shoulder joint. The entire shoulder joint may be replaced during total shoulder replacement surgery in Mumbai, or only the damaged portion of the joint is replaced during partial shoulder joint replacement surgery. Depending on your complaints and the extent of shoulder joint damage, your surgeon will decide the type of surgery that you need.


Minimally invasive techniques like arthroscopy are used to perform joint replacement surgeries nowadays. Multiple small skin incisions are all that it takes to access the diseased shoulder joint and replace it with a brand new prosthesis. The advantages of minimal-access shoulder joint replacement surgery are that the patient recovers faster and experiences almost no post surgical complications.

Indications Of Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery


You may be an ideal candidate for shoulder joint replacement surgery if either of the following criteria is applicable to you.


  • Shoulder Joint Arthritis

Osteoarthritis occurring due to recurrent wear and tear of shoulder joint cartilage may damage the shoulder joint severely from within. Uncontrolled or neglected rheumatoid arthritis is also a cause of extensive shoulder joint degeneration. Both conditions may be treated with shoulder joint replacement.


  • Extensive Rotator Cuff Tear

Rotator cuff tear is usually repairable with a simple rotator cuff surgery. However, your shoulder surgeon in Lilavati hospital Mumbai may opt for shoulder joint replacement if the damage to your rotator cuff is extensive, recurrent and is affecting your shoulder joint functioning.


  • Fracture

Severe fractures of the bones of your upper arm or shoulder are likely to severely hamper the functioning of your shoulder joint. If everything else fails to restore shoulder joint function, a joint surgery can be considered.


  • Post-Traumatic Degeneration

A perforating injury that damages the shoulder joint from within, or a blunt trauma of severe intensity are capable of hampering the shoulder joint functioning. Surgeons may resort to shoulder joint replacement surgery for such cases.

Every case of shoulder joint complaints does not require surgery. Shoulder specialist in Mumbai usually uses shoulder joint replacement as a last resort if other treatment options do not show desirable results.


Patients who do not recover even after extensive medication, physiotherapy and other allied treatment options often respond well to simple shoulder surgeries that help to repair the damage caused around and within the shoulder joint.


Patients who do not respond even to surgical treatment or are experiencing severe shoulder degeneration are considered suitable candidates for shoulder replacement surgery.


The decision to perform shoulder joint replacement is taken by an orthopedic surgeon following a complete health evaluation and physical examination of the patients.

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