Arthroscopic Knee Replacement: Get Back On Your Feet Now!

What Is Arthroscopic Knee Replacement?

Knee replacement is a orthopedic surgery aimed at identifying the damaged portion of a patient’s knee joint and its subsequent removal. During knee replacement, a knee specialist in Breach Candy Hospital Mumbai will surgically remove the diseased portion of the knee joint and replace it is with an artificially designed prosthesis. The prosthesis, which is made of metal or plastic, replicates all the functions of a healthy knee joint.


Arthroscopic knee replacement is a minimal access surgery which requires very tiny skin incisions to reach the underlying knee joint. Smaller incisions reduce the exposure of internal organs and subsequent complications associated with knee replacement surgery.

Arthroscopic knee replacement may be performed to replace only some part of the knee joint or the entire knee joint, depending on the extent of tissue damage.


Who Requires Knee Replacement?

You may be a suitable candidate for knee replacement surgery if you fit into any of the following categories.


  • Irreversible Tissue Damage

Injuries, excessive physical exertion or other factors damage the knee joint from within. The extent of tissue damage depends on the intensity of the causative factor and the frequency with which your knee joint is exposed to it. If the tissue damage is extensive and the tissue’s structural integrity cannot be restored with medicines, physiotherapy, and surgery, then arthroscopic knee replacement becomes imperative.


  • Chronic Knee Troubles

Patients often complain of knee pain, stiffness, and the inability to stand or walk comfortably; all of which indicate deep-seated knee joint damage. Orthopedic surgery specialists in Mumbai frequently treat patients who are unable to remember the duration for which they are facing these troubles. Long lasting knee joint symptoms may not respond to superficial treatment and may require a more reliable solution like knee replacement.


  • Increasing Symptoms

Surgery is never the primary choice of treatment for any health issue, unless there is no other choice. Doctors always prefer to treat knee joint troubles with medicines, physiotherapy, and exercise therapy before jumping to surgery. However, chronic and deep-seated knee joint troubles may not respond well to these treatment methods. Patients with irreversible knee joint damage are likely to experience an increase in their troubles despite the best treatment. Knee replacement surgery is a suitable treatment option in such cases to provide long lasting relief.


Advantages Of Arthroscopic Knee Replacement

Arthroscopy developed as a new diagnostic and therapeutic technique, that has now gained a firm foothold in the field of orthopedics. Arthroscopic surgery involves accessing the internal tissues via tiny surgical incisions on the skin, as opposed to the old school method involving larger skin incisions.


Arthroscopic knee replacement has the following advantages over open knee replacement surgery:

  • Arthrsocopic surgical technique gives the surgeon better precision and greater control during the procedure which reduces the chances of tissue injury due to surgical instrucments.
  • An arthroscopic surgeon in Mumbai can perform knee replacement surgery in a shorter time than it would take to perform open surgery.
  • The risk of post-surgery bleeding and infection is very less after arthroscopic knee replacement surgery.
  • Patients can get back to their normal routine in a relatively shorter duration after minimal access surgery, in contrast to the 6 weeks rest that is mandatory after open joint replacement surgery.
  • Patients who undergo arthroscopic knee replacement may require fewer follow up sessions than those opting for open surgery.


Arthroscopic knee replacement is a great way to get freedom from chronic and recurrent pain and stiffness of the knee joint. Consult Dr. Amyn Rajani, Arthroscopy and Joint Replacement Surgeon in Mumbai for Complete Orthopaedic Treatment. Book an Appointment at 91-88989 75355, 91-22-23619137.

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