Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

What Is Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery?

Shoulder surgery is a procedure performed to repair the structural damage sustained by the cartilage, ligaments or bones that contribute to the formation of the shoulder joint. Arthroscopic shoulder surgery is a minimally invasive method which uses a scope to visualize the shoulder joint from within, during the surgery. A small skin incision over the shoulder allows access to the soft tissue surrounding the shoulder joint. The scope with a camera attached to one end is inserted via this skin incision upto the shoulder joint. The camera captures a view of the shoulder joint from within which the operation doctor may see in a magnified view on a large screen connected to the camera.

Arthroscopic surgery is the preferred method of performing surgeries of several joints and the spine as well. Your orthopedic doctor in Mumbai will often recommend arthroscopic surgery over the open method, as the former has several advantages over the later.

Indications of Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery


Every shoulder joint complaint does not require surgical intervention, but in some cases surgical intervention remains the only viable treatment option. Here are some of the common indications of arthroscopic shoulder surgery.


  • Rotator Cuff Tear

The rotator cuff is a supporting structure of the shoulder joint comprising four muscles and their respective tendons. Excessive strain over the shoulder joint may lead to tearing of either of these muscles or their tendons. Rotator cuff surgery in Mumbai helps in repairing the rotator cuff tear and restore normal shoulder joint functions.


  • Shoulder Joint Arthritis

Recurring strain or overuse of the shoulder joint will eventually cause degeneration of the cartilaginous layer within the joint. Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery is a treatment option for shoulder arthritis that does not respond to medicinal treatment.


  • Accumulation Of Inflammatory Debris

Infectious or autoimmune arthritis may cause extensive tissue degeneration within the shoulder joint. The inflamed, infected and disintegrated tissue accumulated within the shoulder joint space may aggravate the patient’s symptoms. Arthroscopic removal of the tissue debris is usually indicated in such cases.


  • Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder does not require surgery very often, as symptoms respond to medication and physiotherapy. However, surgery may be required if any degenerative changes occur within or around the shoulder joint.


Arthroscopy has been successfully used to diagnose and treat a wide range of disorders of the shoulder joint and several other joints in the human body. A joint replacement surgeon in Mumbai may also prefer arthroscopic techniques to perform complicated arthroplasty procedures.


Arthroscopic shoulder surgery offers the advantage of having a very short recovery period. If you follow all post surgery protocol, including taking prescribed medicines and attending physiotherapy sessions, you will be back to your old self within no time of the surgery.

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