Common Joint Complaints And Their Treatment

Joint complaints are an early indication that something is not right with the structure and/or functions of your joints. The knees, elbows, shoulders, fingers, and spine are some of the body structures supported by single or multiple joints. Irrespective of the size of the joint, its functions are very important as they impact the physical mobility directly. Almost every knee specialist in Lilavati Hospital Mumbai claims that these are the commonest symptoms that will affect patients experiencing joint disorders.

Common Types of Joint Complaints:


  • Pain


Pain is the commonest and usually the foremost symptom that presents during joint troubles. Joint pain can be constant or may be present only when the patient attempts to move the concerned joint. Pain is an indication of underlying inflammation that may result due to degenerative or infectious changes within the joint.


  • Stiffness


Inflamed joints usually develop stiffness of varying degree over a period of time. Joint stiffness is more pronounced while performing any body movement that concerns the joint. A shoulder specialist in Mumbai can detect the severity of the underlying disease by determining the severity of the shoulder stiffness that patients experience.


  • Swelling


Swelling is a natural response to any inflammatory stimulus that the body tissues experience. Affected joints are swollen in proportion to the underlying damage that they are suffering from. Joints like the knees, fingers, and elbows display swelling more prominently than some of the other joints in the body.


  • Redness


Pain, stiffness, and swelling are symptoms that the patients themselves experience and narrate to the doctor. However, swelling of the affected joint is an external sign that the orthopedic doctor in Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai determines on their own. Joint swelling is an important indicator toward the severity of the underlying disease.


Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, The degree of the above mentioned symptoms are experienced and narrated differently by each patient. Doctors wil

Treating Joint Complaints


  • Medication


Orthopedic doctors may advise pain relief medication, steroids, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory medicines to patients suffering from joint troubles. Depending on the patient’s age and general health they may also need to take nutritional supplements to restore the levels of calcium, phosphorus, and Vitamin D. Joint troubles with little to no tissue degeneration usually respond quickly to medication.


  • Surgery


More advanced or chronic cases of joint disorders may require surgical intervention in addition to medication or individually. Arthroscopic correction and joint debridement surgery are performed routinely to treat the symptoms of degenerative arthritis. More severe cases of joint troubles may require intervention in the form of joint replacement surgery.


  • Alternative Treatment


Alternative medical treatment like exercise therapy, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy play a crucial role in the improvement of health after surgery.

Patients are advised to be watchful of their joint troubles and see a doctor at the earliest to avoid health complications. Follow your doctor’s suggestions perfectly and complete the required treatment to get back to your former healthy state at the earliest! Consult Dr. Amyn Rajani, orthopaedic doctor in Mumbai immediately for further treatment. Book an Appointment at 91-88989 75355, 91-22-23619137.

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