How Is Total Knee Replacement Surgery Performed?

What Is Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee replacement surgery is an operation during which the damaged or degenerated knee joint is surgically removed and replaced with an artificial prosthesis. This prosthesis is made of plastic or other material which has the tensile strength to perform weight bearing function of the knee joint. The prosthesis will perform all the functions of a normal knee joint.

The knee joint may be replaced completely (total knee replacement) or only the damaged portion of the knee joint is replaced leaving the healthy portion of the joint intact (partial knee replacement).

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Procedure Of Knee Replacement Surgery:

Knee replacement surgery can be performed only by qualified orthopedic surgeons who have experties in knee joint surgeries. It is advisable to choose a well equipped hospital to undergo knee joint replacement surgery. A good hospital offers all pre-surgical and post-surgical care and facilities under one roof which is very convenient for patients and their families. Some of the best facilities are available for arthroscopic knee surgery in Mumbai.

Patients undergo a thorough medical examination prior to their surgery. Doctors may advise patients to get admitted into the hospital a day or a few hours prior to the scheduled time of surgery. Patients may be required to follow certain dietary precautions and movement restrictions before the surgery. At the scheduled time of surgery, patients are taken inside the operation theater and final preparations for the surgery begin.

The steps of surgery are as follows:

  • The patient is made to wear a surgical sterile gown and lie down on the operating table. No jewelry, cosmetics or other fashion accessories should be worn during surgery.
  • The knee which is to be operated upon is bent and supported to provide a good point of access during surgery. Regional or local anesthesia may be chosen for total knee replacement surgery.
  • Skin over the knee joint is surgically incised and an arthroscope is inserted inside. The camera attached to the arthroscope allow to visualize the inside of knee joint clearly.
  • The diseased knee joint is removed partially or completely by carefully separating all muscles, blood vessels and nerves.
  • The knee joint along with any inflammatory debris that may be present, are removed.
  • An artificial prosthesis is fit in place of the knee joint and muscles and nerves are repositioned. Care is taken to avoid damaging any of the neighboring soft tissues.
  • The skin incision is secured using medically designed thread and doctors wait for effect of anesthesia to gradually dwindle.


Once the patient has regained complete sensation in their legs, the surgeon performs a preliminary examination to ensure that the surgery has been a success. Utmost precautions before, during and after surgery ensure that no post-surgical complications arise. Patients will be able to resume knee movement after a few hours or the day after surgery. Following all the post-surgery medical precautions well will allow early recovery.

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