Is Partial Knee Joint Replacement For You?

What Is Knee Joint Replacement Surgery?

Knee joint replacement surgery involves surgical removal of the diseased knee joint and its replacement with an artificially designed prosthesis. The prosthesis is usually made using sustainable material which will not have a reaction to any of the bodily fluids and other tissue.

The knee joint may be replaced entirely (total knee replacement) or only the diseased portion of the joint may be replaced. (partial knee replacement) depending on the extent of knee damage and patient’s symptoms.

Your unicondylar knee replacement specialist will suggest partial knee replacement surgery for your knee complaints, only after a complete physical assessment. Identifying the knee complaints is very important to decide the course of action.


Indications Of Partial Knee Replacement

Anatomically, the knee consists of two distinct condyles or parts, viz. the medial condyle and the lateral condyle. Partial knee replacement surgery in Mumbai focuses on the surgical removal and replacement of one single condyle only.


Patients with localized damage to the knee joint are often ideal candidates for partial knee replacement surgery. Arthritis of autoimmune origin responds well to partial knee replacement surgery. Partial knee replacement is a relatively shorter procedure in comparison to total knee replacement. Therefore, it is often indicated in patients who may not be able to handle the stress of total knee replacement.


Advantages Of Partial Knee Replacement

  • Shorter Duration

Partial knee replacement involves removal and replacement of a single part of the knee joint. Therefore the procedure is of a shorter duration than total knee replacement.

  • Easily Affordable

Partial knee replacement surgery does not cost as much as total knee replacement. Therefore, partial knee replacement is a more economical option for patients experiencing a financial crunch.

  • Early Recovery

In partial knee replacement surgery, the duration and extent of accessing deeper knee tissues is very short. Additionally, the existence of the original knee structure acts like an anchor to the newly fit prosthesis. These factors help the patient to recover faster.

  • Reduced Post Surgery Complications

Reduced duration of surgery, less access to deeper body tissues and early post-surgery recovery ensure that the complications experienced after partial knee replacement are minimal.


Only those patients who have been medically examined and cleared by a partial knee replacement specialist may undergo unicondylar knee replacement surgery. Patients are advised to follow all the pre-treatment and post-treatment protocol to ensure successful outcome of the surgery.

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