Knee Pain? – Signs Your Knee Injury Could Be Serious

Common Causes of Knee Injury


Almost all of us have scraped or bruised our knees as children, while running, playing, or riding our cycle. Even adults are prone to injuring their knees every now and then. The cause of your knee injury and intensity of symptoms determine its seriousness. Let us take a look at the common causes of knee injury.


  • Breaking a Fall


It is common to lose balance while walking if we bump into someone or stumble on an object. We may end up hurting our knee in an attempt to prevent falling down. Such injuries are usually not serious and may heal in a few days with adequate rest, without any medication.


  • Road Accident


Road accidents can injure people sitting in the vehicle involved in the accident, as well as those walking on the roads. The severity of the injury could range from a bruised knee to fracture of the bones. Patients may require treatment in the form of medicines, physiotherapy, or ACL tear surgery in Mumbai.


  • Direct Impact


Your knee will sustain mild to severe injury after direct impact with a sharp or blunt object. You may suffer from ruptured ligament, disintegrated cartilage, or develop a blood clot within the knee joint after such an injury.


  • Surgical Injury


Arthroscopic knee surgery in Mumbai is a very effective treatment for a number of knee joint problems. However, there is possibility of accidental injury of the tissues surrounding the knee joint, during the surgical procedure.


Symptoms of Knee Injury


Knee injury is associated with the following symptoms.


  • Pain


Knee pain results due to internal inflammation after a trauma. The severity of the pain is directly proportional to the nature of the injury. The pain may be constant or intermittent, and causes a varying degree of discomfort.


  • Stiffness


An injured knee is very likely to develop stiffness, due to accumulation of inflammatory debris within the knee joint. A knee specialist in Mumbai may recommend light exercise to get rid of knee stiffness. The stiffness depends on the severity of the injury and the time duration that has passed since the injury.


  • Swelling


Swelling is one of the earliest signs you may develop after injuring your knee. An injured knee becomes inflamed due to the body’s natural healing mechanism. That, along with a possibility of internal bleeding may cause the knee to swell.


Most of the symptoms of a knee injury last for 4-5 days after which the body begins to heal itself. However, if there are any associated complications like fractures, or if the injury is severe, healing may take a longer duration.


When Should You Consult a Doctor?


You should consult a doctor for your knee injury if:


  • Your knee complaints do not reduce despite adequate rest.
  • Symptoms of old knee injuries keep resurfacing without significant triggers.
  • Your injured knee continues to give you trouble despite completing the required treatment.
  • A symptom of your knee injury suddenly flares up and causes excessive discomfort.


Consult an arthroscopic surgeon in Mumbai immediately to prevent any long term damage or complications of the knee joint. You may require intensive treatment in the form of medicines, surgery, physiotherapy, or a combination of these three.


More severe cases of knee joint damage may benefit from total knee replacement in Mumbai. It is advisable to seek prompt medical attention to your new or old knee injuries, to keep your knee joints in a good shape.


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