Need to Know About How Did You Get a Total Knee Replacement in Mumbai?

Congrats on getting a total knee replacement in Mumbai. It is a big relief for many considering that they can now walk again without any pain and no longer face the dread of climbing the staircase. However, it is important to go slow and not to rush. You have just got a new body part and here is everything that you need to know about how to take small steps to lead a normal life.

  • You will be able to do almost everything that you used to do before

After your knee replacement surgery you are sure to see a huge improvement in mobility and pain relief but this does not mean that you can run a mile and win the race too. In fact in most of the cases the joint replacement surgeon in Mumbai whom you got your knee replacement surgery done from will tell you to not involve in any kind of high impact activities like jumping, jogging and running even if you used to do these activities before. The sheer force of these activities could end up breaking the implant and make your knee wear out fast. You may also not be allowed to do mountain biking, skiing or kayaking because this increases the chances of falling which carries the risk of breaking the bone surrounding the implant.

However, that does not mean that you need to stay put. There are many other ways in which you can be active. You can swim, walk, do light treks, bike and even play tennis also you need to take care and prepare your knee joints while hiking trip. Weight training helps to strengthen your bones and muscles. If you do weight training, then ramp up the repetitions instead of going for heavy weights.

  • Your new knee will not exactly feel like your old knee

With a knee replacement surgery done by an expert orthopaedic doctor in Mumbai you will definitely feel less of pain and also some strange differences. Like you may notice that your knee would pop and click. This is because of the plastic and metal in your implant that is running against one another. If it does not cause pain then there is nothing to worry about it. You may have issues when you need to kneel however to bend own will not cause any harm to your joint.

  • Your new knee will not wear out soon

In the majority of cases it is seen that the new knee stays put for around 20 years. So even after two decades people with a knee replacement tend to stay active physically than their peers of the same age who have natural knee joints. You can save your new knee from wear and tear and the most important thing that you need to concentrate on is to keep a healthy weight.

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