Pre-Surgical Procedure For Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Surgery

What is Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Surgery?

Arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery is a surgery performed to treat tear, degeneration or inflammation of the rotator cuff. This procedure is performed using minimally invasive methods. Some of the top surgeons in the city offer best patient care after arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery in Mumbai.

Rotator cuff is a protective cuff around shoulder joint formed by four muscles viz. supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor and subscapularis and their respective tendons.

Who Requires Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Surgery?

Rotator cuff surgery ensures that any damage to the rotator cuff is repaired and normal shoulder joint functions can be resumed. People who fit into any of the following criteria are suitable candidates for arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery:

• People suffering from recurring shoulder joint complaints despite good medical treatment

• People who have been diagnosed with a tear or degeneration of the rotator cuff

• People who have developed shoulder joint dysfunction following accidental trauma to that joint

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Pre-Surgical Procedure:

Rotator cuff surgery is usually not done as an emergency surgical procedure. The surgery requires some pre-planning in the form of medical check up, certain blood tests, document work for the patient etc. The following steps are an integral part of pre-surgical procedure for rotator cuff surgery:

  • Medical examination

It is mandatory for patients to undergo a thorough medical examination prior to rotator cuff surgery. It helps the surgeon to determine extent of damage to the rotator cuff, thereby allowing to create a suitable plan for surgery. Medical examination also serves to determine if the patient is overall physically healthy to undergo the stress associated with rotator cuff surgery.


  • Diagnostic tests

Blood tests including complete blood count, blood sugar levels, kidney function and liver function are usually performed before rotator cuff surgery. Scans including X-Ray of the affected shoulder joint are also performed prior to surgery. Test results offer an insight into the patient’s overall health status which is important to determine the course of surgery.


  • Counseling

Patients usually have a sit-down session with their surgeon before finalizing the decision to undergo rotator cuff surgery. During the counseling session, surgeon will explain to the patient the intent, procedure and result of the surgery. Patients can get their any doubts related to the surgery cleared during this session.


  • Signed consent

After admission to the hospital patient has to submit a signed consent stating that they have been informed about all aspects of rotator cuff surgery; and that they are undergoing the procedure willingly.


Patients who are advised rotator cuff surgery should follow all the instructions advised by their surgeon. It is better to get all doubts cleared prior to surgery.

The successful outcome of any surgery depends on the precautions followed before and after the procedure.

Some of the top shoulder surgeons in Mumbai offer the best pre-surgical consulting for arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery.

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