Returning to Sports after Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Getting back to sports after Arthroscopic Knee Surgery is a challenge, but definitely not an impossible task. Do it soon and there are full chances that you might reinjure yourself so it is important that you give it ample of time to heal.

Let’s have a look at some of the tips that will help you in returning to sports after your Arthroscopic Knee Surgery:

Manage Pain and Swelling; Pain is a natural part of the arthroscopic knee surgery healing process. It is important that you take the prescribed antibiotics and painkillers and make sure that you do not skip any dosage.

Be Committed to your Physiotherapy Sessions: Wondering what makes physical therapy so important? Here are some reasons that highlight the importance of Physiotherapy:

  • Reduces or Eliminates Pain: Regularly attending physiotherapy sessions and following therapeutic exercises and manual therapy can reduce or completely eliminate your excruciating pain. Physiotherapy can also help in restoring the lost joint and muscle function in your knees after Arthroscopic Knee Surgery in Mumbai.
  • Improves Mobility: The simplest of the daily activities that you weren’t able to perform earlier, you can easily performed with regular physiotherapy sessions.

Cycling after Arthroscopic Knee Surgery: Cycling is a low-impact form of exercise. Low-impact exercises put minimal stress on your knee joint. Your Arthroscopic Knee Surgeon in Mumbai will tell you when it is safe to resume swimming after your arthroscopic knee surgery.

Set Realistic Goals: You have to keep that belief that yes you will return to the tennis court or the athletics field and get back to playing your favorite sport again. But then it will take time for your operated knee to perform the different/difficult sporting movements so mentally prepare yourself for the challenge ahead.

Make Lifestyle Changes: Give your knee a good rest, eat a well- balanced diet and also sleep well for at least 8 hours in the night. If you play high-impact sports then for some time you should switch to low-impact sports like cycling, swimming and light activities like brisk walking, jogging etc.

Wear a Knee Brace: A knee brace is something that will provide that proper support to your knee as you heal from Arthroscopic Knee Surgery. Knee Brace will also help in considerably reducing the swelling around your knees. It will also give you that feeling of security and confidence that you need to get back to the playing field.

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