Rotator Cuff Dysfunction And Its Treatment

What Is Rotator Cuff?

Rotator Cuff is a structure formed by 4 muscles viz. Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Subscapularis and Teres Minor and the tendons of these muscles. It supports and strengthens the shoulder joint.

The rotator cuff undergoes moderate wear and tear on a daily basis due to shoulder joint functions. But if the rotator cuff undergoes excess strain or develops any disorder it cannot provide adequate structural support to the shoulder joint. It is advisable to see a shoulder surgeon in Mumbai immediately for treatment of rotator cuff damage.

What Are The Causes Rotator Cuff Dysfunction?

Any abnormality of the rotator cuff is reflected in the form of symptoms like pain, swelling and stiffness of the shoulder. Physical damage to the rotator cuff is the main cause for its dysfunction. Here are some of the commonest factors that may damage the rotator cuff:

● Direct Trauma To The Shoulder

Shoulder joint injury is a common occurrence following vehicular accident, fracture of the bones forming the shoulder joint, or perforation of shoulder joint capsule. The muscles or tendons of the rotator cuff may also be damaged due to any of these causes. Partial or total rotator cuff tear may develop as a result of the injury, which is an extremely painful condition. Rotator cuff surgery in Mumbai is one of the best treatment options to fix rotator cuff tear.

● Overuse Of Shoulder Joint

Excess strain over the shoulder may occur due to lifting or dragging heavy objects. Repeated over head extension of the shoulder joint is a common action done by porters who have to balance a lot of weight over their head. These actions are likely to damage the rotator cuff muscles or tendons if performed repeatedly.

● Tendonitis

Generalized inflammation of tendons may occur due to several reasons. Overuse of the muscles which the tendons support, direct injury, infection are some of the common reasons for development of tendonitis. If the tendons of the rotator cuff develop inflammation, it becomes difficult to move the shoulder joint freely.

● Dislocated Or Subluxated Shoulder Joint

Partial or total dislocation of the shoulder joint may cause abrupt tear of the rotator cuff. Due to the suddenness of the injury, the condition may cause more pain than it usually does.

Irrespective of the cause of rotator cuff damage, the treatment needs to be spontaneous. It is not a medical emergency, but a neglected rotator cuff injury can cause health complications.

How Can Rotator Cuff Functions Be Restored?

Symptoms of rotator cuff damage may respond temporarily to medication, but surgery is a more permanent treatment option. Arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery in Mumbai is a highly successful minimally invasive technique that helps to repair rotator cuff damage.

Consult with an orthopedic doctor today, for your shoulder complaints. Timely treatment is faster and more effective.

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