Shoulder Joint Dislocation In Elderly Patients

What Is Shoulder Joint Dislocation?


Shoulder dislocation is a condition occurring due to the abnormal shifting of the shoulder joint from its original position and is unable to perform its normal functions. Shoulder dislocation is quite a painful condition that may cause discomfort of varying degrees to the patient.


Any major joint in your body may get dislocated if the causative factor is strong enough, but the shoulder joint is the most likely to get dislocated due to its natural structural alignment and functions. Elderly patients and young children tend to develop shoulder joint dislocation more often than adults. It is not a genetic condition but develops due to undue mechanical stress of the shoulder joint and its surrounding tissues. Shoulder specialist in Lilavati Hospital Mumbai recommends surgical intervention to treat severe or recurrent shoulder dislocation.


This article focuses on the causes and treatment of shoulder dislocation in elderly people.


Causes Of Shoulder Joint Dislocation In Elderly Patients


As you begin to age your body tissues undergo certain changes that cause them to undergo degeneration. Tissues including muscles, tendons, and bones are also affected due to the natural aging process. Elderly people do not have a robust musculo-skeletal structure like young adults. The joints in their body lack adequate structural support due to laxity of muscles and other connective tissue. These factors directly contribute to poor joint functions and precipitate joint dislocation.


Accidental trauma, direct impact with a heavy object, or balancing a fall can trigger the dislocation of the shoulder joint in any age group, including older individuals.


Is arthroscopic shoulder surgery in Mumbai the only option for reverting the structural damage caused by a dislocated shoulder? Does oral medication help to find any relief? Can the condition be managed at home? Read the next section of the article to know more.


Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery?


Shoulder joint surgery is a surgical procedure during which the degenerated shoulder joint is replaced with an artificial prosthesis that performs all the functions of a healthy joint. Shoulder dislocation does not occur due to tissue degeneration and therefore does not require joint replacement in most cases. A surgical procedure to fit the loosened joint in its place usually suffices to treat the damage caused by a dislocated shoulder.


Patients may have to attend physiotherapy and exercise sessions to strengthen their shoulder muscles. Shoulder joint replacement is rarely indicated if the dislocated shoulder joint has caused severe damage to the surrounding soft tissue. Doctors will prescribe pain relief medicines, anti-inflammatory agents, and may also recommend nutritional supplements to patients recovering from shoulder joint dislocation.


Patients must continue to care for themselves even after their treatment is concluded successfully. Doctors will advise patients to avoid lifting or pushing heavy loads as much as possible to prevent the recurrence of shoulder joint dislocation.


Consult with an orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai at the earliest to know more on the health consequences of recurrent shoulder joint dislocation.

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