Sports Injuries Of The Knee Joint

What Are Sports Injuries?

Any form of injury that is traumatic, sudden or forceful in nature and exerts a forceful impact on any muscle, bone, joint, tendon or cartilage qualifies as a sports injury. Such injuries are usually sustained while performing exercise, engaging in sports or after performing exertive physical activities. Sometimes the injury can be of severe nature like ligament tear or fracture of bones. ACL tear surgery in Mumbai helps to restore structural damage done to the ligament due to knee injury.


Symptoms Of Sports Injuries Of The Knee

Any kind of sports injury causes a considerable amount of structural damage to the soft tissues as well as bones and joints. While the intensity of damage depends on the type of injury, there are certain common symptoms seen in all types of sports injuries.


Sports injury of the knee joint will often be associated with the following symptoms:

  • Pain

An injured knee is always in pain, no matter the cause of the injury. The pain may vary from dull throbbing experienced constantly to acute surges of pain experienced from time to time.


  • Swelling

Swelling is a normal physiological response of all body tissues following injury. A recently injured knee will be swollen with a reddish appearance externally and may even be warm on touching.


  • External Bruising

If the injury has been due to direct impact with a heavy object or after falling down, there may be bruise marks over the knee. Fresh bruises are usually red in color; as they get older, the color of the bruises changes to blue and later black.


  • Restricted Movements

It is difficult to move your injured knee, especially if the injury is very recent. The underlying swelling and pain lead to restriction of knee movements.


There may be other symptoms depending on the nature of injury and the person’s resistance power.


How Can Sports Injuries Of The Knee Be Treated?

Sports injuries of the knee often require immediate medical attention; in some cases the injury could be a medical emergency. Ice pack fomentation and immobilization of the injured knee are the most effective options of first aid treatment.


The primary treatment options include:

● Medication

Antibiotic medicines, steroids and pain relief medicines in the form of oral tablets or injections are among the mainstream medical treatments for knee injury. These medicines help to get symptomatic relief even in cases of severe injury.


Arthroscopic knee surgery in Mumbai is indicated when there is considerable damage to the knee joint due to injury. Surgery helps to repair damage to the bones, tendons and cartilage and to remove infected debris accumulated within the knee joint.


Prompt knee pain treatment in Mumbai helps to prevent complications that might arise due sports injuries of the knee.

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