Surgery For Dislocated Shoulder

Shoulder Joint Dislocation


Dislocation of a joint is a structural anomaly that develops when there is a loss of the connection that binds the bones that form a particular joint in the body. The shoulder joint is one of the common joints to undergo dislocation due to its natural structure and functionality.


The commonest causes of shoulder joint dislocation include:


  • Trauma


Blunt trauma to the shoulder with a heavy object may cause the mechanical disruption of the capsule that holds the shoulder joint together. Shoulder joint dislocation may occur if the trauma was severe.


  • Breaking A Fall


We often have the habit of holding on to something to prevent from falling down, in case such an event were to arise. If the shoulder joint bears the entire body weight under such circumstances, dislocation of the joint is highly likely.


  • Sudden Movement


Moving heavy weights with great force or jerking movement of the shoulder joint that causes your shoulder to be pulled suddenly are common causes of shoulder joint dislocation. A suitable example would be a person trying to yank open a heavy window in the upward direction. Now if the window suddenly opens the person’s shoulder would get pulled in the upward direction and may dislocate.

Patients with shoulder joint dislocation often present with the following symptoms:


  • Swelling


The displaced bones of a dislocated shoulder joint are likely to damage the surrounding soft tissue which leads to inflammation and external swelling of the shoulder joint.


  • Redness and Pain


The skin overlying the shoulder joint may have a reddish appearance that is characteristic of the body’s natural response to inflammation. The patient will experience pain within the shoulder if the doctor applies pressure over the reddened skin.


  • Loss Of Mobility


It is difficult or nearly impossible to move a dislocated shoulder. Since the bones that form the shoulder joint have lost their natural alignment, they do not get adequate support from the tendons and muscles to perform adequate movement.


A shoulder specialist in Mumbai couples the patient’s symptoms with their own examination findings to confirm the diagnosis. A short history of the patient’s activities before they dislocated their shoulder is also helpful. Patients usually have a clear memory of any accident ot injury that triggered their shoulder symptoms.

Treating A Dislocated Shoulder


A dislocated shoulder requires to be set to its normal position using mechanical manipulation of the bones. This procedure is tricky and must not be attempted at home. Patients with a dislocated shoulder should be taken to an orthopaedic doctor immediately for treatment.


  • Medication:
    Doctors often prescribe anti-inflamatory agents, pain relief medicines, and steroids to give primary relief to patients seeking treatment for a dislocated shoulder.


  • Surgery:
    Patients who have recurrent episodes of shoulder joint dislocation or who have suffered from a severe form of joint dislocation may need extra care. Arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery in Mumbai is a suitable treatment option for such cases and can be combined with medical treatment as well.

Arthroscopic shoulder surgery in Mumbai also helps to repair any damage that the soft tissue might have sustained due to joint dislocation.


Patients may require to attend physiotherapy sessions and follow a strict exercise regimen to strengthen their shoulder joint and the surrounding muscles of the forearm.


Shoulder joint dislocation may require emergency medical care depending on its severity, the patient’s age and their overall health. Do not neglect your shoulder injuries; Consult Dr. Amyn Rajani, orthopaedic doctor in Mumbai immediately for further treatment. Book an Appointment at 91-88989 75355, 91-98202 09137, 91-22-23619137.

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