The ABC Of Arthroscopy

What Is Arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive technique of diagnosing and treating disorders of almost all joints within the body. To perform arthroscopy, a very small surgical incision is given on the skin over the joint. An arthroscope is a narrow, tube-like structure made of flexible fiberoptic material.

A camera is attached to the end of the arthroscope which is inserted within the joints. The camera connects to a large display screen that will show the doctor a magnified view of the internal structure and tissues of the joint.

Damage assessment, pre-surgical evaluation of a patient's condition or arthroscopic surgery in Mumbai are some of the utilities of this procedure.

Arthroscopic Surgery

Orthopedic surgery of joints of the body involves creating access to the inside of the joint in order to repair any structural damage within. The advent of arthroscopy procedure to perform joint surgery has been a revolutionary step in the field of orthopedics.

Nowadays, arthroscopy is the most preferred method of performing most orthopedic surgeries, including complicated procedures like ACL tear surgery in Mumbai.

The basic procedure of arthroscopic surgery is as follow:

  1. An arthroscope is inserted inside the joint which is to be operated, via a small skin incision.
  2. Your surgeon will visualize the interior of the joint on a large computer screen to locate the damage.
  3. Another skin incision is made over the joint to insert instruments that are used to repair the underlying damage.
  4. After the internal tissue structure is restored, the skin incisions are closed using a medical suture.
  5. A removable drainage tube is retained within the joint which expels accumulated fluid, inflammatory debris and pus outside the body.


Most of the surgeries of the knee joint, shoulder joint, elbow joint, intervertebral joints and even hip joint may be performed using arthroscopy.

Advantages Of Arthroscopy:

Arthroscopic surgery has many advantages over the olden open method of performing orthopedic surgery. Some of the major advantages of arthroscopic surgery are as follows:

  1. A shorter duration is required to complete arthroscopic surgery in comparison to open surgery.
  2. The recovery period is quite short after arthroscopic surgery.
  3. The possibility of post-surgical complications is near to zero after arthroscopic surgery
  4. Patients can resume normal movement of the operated joint very soon after arthroscopic surgery
  5. Due to smaller skin incisions the chances of scarring are very less
  6. Muscles around the joint that is operated do not suffer from any structural damage due to smaller surgical incisions during arthroscopic surgery.


If you have been advised to undergo orthopedic surgery consult with the top arthroscopy surgeon in Mumbai for a physical examination and medical advice. It is important to know all aspects of arthroscopic surgery, in order to plan your post-surgical recovery and schedule.

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