Treating Knee Joint Trauma

Causes of Knee Joint Trauma


Owing to its contribution is several day-to-day activities, a number of factors are likely to injure the knee joint. The nature of the injury determines the resultant damage and the treatment that would be needed. Joint replacement surgeon in Breach Candy hospital Mumbai may also advise knee surgery to treat the injury in some cases.


Some of the common causative factors of knee joint trauma are mentioned below:


  • Blunt Or Perforating Injury


The knee joint and the surrounding soft tissue may be damaged due to blunt trauma or a perforating injury from a sharp object. This type of trauma is most commonly sustained during road accidents. The knee joint is damaged from within and the bones participating in forming the knee joint may be fractured.


  • Severe Knee Joint Arthritis


Knee joint arthritis occurs most likely due to recurrent overuse of the knee joint, or in some cases due to auto-immune dysfunction. It is a form of injury since the cartilage of the knee joint undergoes disintegration of varying degrees. Arthroscopic knee surgery in Mumbai may be needed to treat very severe forms of knee joint arthritis.


The internal part of the knee joint, its cartilage, surrounding soft tissue, and the bones that contribute to the formation of the knee joint are all likely to be damaged after an injury. Medicines, surgery, physiotherapy, or a combination of all these treatment methods are helpful in treating an injured knee joint.


Surgical Management Of Knee Joint Trauma


If the knee joint has sustained widespread damage due to the injury, surgical intervention may be required. Knee surgery is usually performed using minimally invasive techniques like arthroscopy.


The surgeon uses a scope to visualize the damaged knee joint from within and detect and repair any structural damage. If the knee joint and surrounding tissue have suffered irreparable damage, a knee joint replacement may be recommended by the surgeon.


An orthopedic specialist at Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai will conduct a thorough physical evaluation of the patient to assess the nature and extent of knee damage.


Diagnostic tests and scans may be performed to form a treatment plan before finalizing the decision to perform knee replacement surgery.


Knee trauma requires timely medical or surgical intervention to avoid further complications like septic arthritis, knee joint dysfunction, and muscular atrophy to name a few. A neglected or maltreated knee injury may cause permanent damage to the knee joint functions


Consult with an orthopedic surgeon soon if you are suffering from the pain of a recent of old knee injury.

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