Types of Knee Surgeries Available in Mumbai to Treat Arthritis

Mumbai is among the top cities that is known for its best in class orthopedic care in India. It also houses a few of the renowned joint replacement and trauma facilities that are equipped with state-of-art technology. If you are looking for a knee surgery to treat arthritis, you can get it done in Mumbai at affordable prices.

However, the optimal knee surgery for the treatment of arthritis is determined by considering factors like patients’ health status, age, lifestyle and more likely on their personal preferences. Hence, it's important that you know each of these options, their methods, and recovery time period well in advance before you make a decision.

Types of Knee Surgeries to Treat Arthritis in Mumbai

  • Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Total knee replacement Surgery involves replacing your damage joint with two prosthetic pieces made of metal or polyethylene plastic. These pieces are fitted as a functional joint after cutting the affected ends of tibia (shin bone) and femur (thigh bone). You would require 4-6 weeks to recover partially and a few months or at least a year for complete recovery.

Though the above procedure is known to relieve most patients from constant knee pain, it is often recommended to patients with moderate to severe arthritis only. Hence, you must consult a knee surgeon in Mumbai before making a decision.

  • Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

Partial Knee Replacement Surgery is performed to replace only the affected compartment of your knee with a prosthetic, preserving the healthy areas. Those who complain of significant pain or reduced mobility due to osteoarthritis are eligible candidates for this surgery. You can also opt for it if one part of your knee is damaged. Although, this surgery is unsuitable to patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis or those having unaligned knees, ligament damage or severe knee stiffness.

As compared to Total Knee Replacement Surgery, Partial Knee Replacement Surgery in Mumbai is less invasive, i.e. small incisions are made for the procedure. Therefore, the recovery period for patients undergoing this surgery is also comparatively low.

  • Knee Osteotomy

Knee osteotomy is appropriate to treat asymmetric or unilateral knee arthritis. It is suggested to young and physically active people, especially under the age of 60. The surgical process involves re-aligning your joints by either removing a wedge (from your femur or tibia bone) or adding (an artificial bone material) to it. This brings more pressure on the good side of your joint and decreases the wear & tear of its bad side.

Recovery period of the surgery is about a few months to at-least a year. However, a successful knee osteotomy can postpone the need of total knee replacement surgery upto 10 years for an arthritis patients

  • Knee Arthroscopy

Knee Arthroscopy is not suitable for arthritis. Arthroscopic surgery for knee treats pathologies of meniscus and ligaments. If done in arthritis it will provide only temporary symptomatic relief, but eventually the pain will be back.

With high-end systems and latest technologies available in many ortho care centres, arthroscopic knee surgery in Mumbai has become very feasible to opt for.

In consideration to the above, there are also complementary treatments like acupuncture, yoga, Reiki healing, Tai Chi, manual therapies and many others, known to relieve arthritis pain.

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