Dr. Amyn Rajani - Orthopaedic Surgeon in Mumbai
Knee, Shoulder and Hip Specialist

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Dr. Amyn Rajani is a highly skilled Consultant Knee, Shoulder and Hip Surgeon with Specialization in Robotic Surgeries. With over two decades of dedicated experience in the medical field, Dr. Rajani has honed his expertise to deliver top-quality care and surgical interventions to his patients. Dr. Amyn Rajani is proudly affiliated with prestigious medical institutions, serving as an Arthroscopy & Joint Replacement Surgeon at Breach Candy Hospital, Lilavati Hospital, and Saifee Hospital.

Dr. Amyn Rajani specializes in Uni-Compartment Knee Replacement, Total Knee Replacement, Reverse & Total Shoulder Replacement, Total Hip Replacement as well as Reconstructive Knee and Shoulder Arthroscopy. His expertise extends to Robotic Surgeries and Revision Surgeries. His expertise and proficiency make him a sought-after specialist in these areas, and he is known for providing cutting-edge surgical solutions and compassionate patient care.

Having been awarded a Gold Medal in Orthopaedic surgery in his M.S. program at the esteemed LTMMC & Sion Hospital in Mumbai in 2004, Dr. Amyn Rajani continued to enhance his skills through international training programs focused on Arthroscopy and Joint Replacement, with extensive training in countries including Canada, the UK, Germany, and Australia. He holds official certification in the field of Robotic Joint Replacements and has an impressive track record of successfully performing numerous Robotic Surgeries.

Furthermore, Dr. Rajani's contributions to the medical community extend beyond his surgical expertise. He has published more than 21 articles in Arthroscopy & Joint Replacement Surgeries, which have been featured in reputable national and international peer-reviewed journals with high impact. His work has garnered recognition, with 25 citations to his credit.

Dr. Amyn Rajani's dedication to advancing orthopaedic expertise is evident through his crucial role as a reviewer for the esteemed ISAKOS Journal as well as Indian Journal of Orthopaedics, where he actively contributes to the evaluation and development of cutting-edge research in the field. Moreover, he serves as invited faculty at multiple national and international courses and conferences specializing in Arthroscopy and Arthroplasty, where his knowledge and insights are highly valued by fellow professionals.


Dr. Rajani also demonstrates his commitment to knowledge dissemination by overseeing a comprehensive one-year fellowship program in Arthroscopy & Arthroplasty. This program is designed to nurture aspiring orthopaedic surgeons, providing them with the opportunity to learn and gain hands-on experience under his guidance.

In 2023, the significant Sign for Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair (AMR Sign) was named after Dr. Amyn Rajani and published in the Malaysian Orthopaedic Journal, a noteworthy contribution to orthopaedics. Dr. Rajani's  exceptional surgical expertise earned him a place in the Limca Book of Record for a successful knee replacement surgery on a 98-year-old patient in 2014. He has also been honoured with the MV Sant Prize in Orthopaedics and the Lupin Orthopaedic Award, recognizing his remarkable achievements and dedication to advancing orthopaedic practice.


  • Ranked first in the M.S Orthopaedic examination conducted by the University of Mumbai in July 2004.
  • Gold Medal in Orthopaedics from the University of Mumbai for the academic year 2004-2005.
  • Lupin Prize for securing the first rank in M.S Orthopaedic examination.
  • V. Sant Prize for Securing the Highest Points in M.S.
  • Hold the “Limca book of record” for Successfully operating the oldest Patient (98yrs) for Total Knee Replacement in India.

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There have been various articles in leading newspapers about the unique surgeries performed by Dr. Amyn Rajani.

articles in leading newspapers about the unique surgeries performed by Dr. Amyn Rajani