Bilateral Total Knee Replacement Surgery

One-Stage Bilateral Total Knee Replacement surgery is one in which both the Knees are replaced in one sitting. Usually the most painful Knee Joint is operated upon first and is followed by the less painful Knee Joint. The anesthesia and preparation time is 2 hours and the surgical time is 3 hours.

Benefits of One-Stage Bilateral Total Knee Replacement:

  • Single Anesthesia
  • Balanced Rehabilitation
  • Reduced Cost
  • Single Sitting

Disadvantages of One-Stage Bilateral Total Knee Replacement:

  • Requirement for blood transfusion
  • One day ICU observation
  • Hospital stay extended by 3 days

Selection of Patients:

Even though most patients have Bilateral Knee Osteoarthritis, not all patients are selected for Bilateral Single Stage Surgery.

The exclusion criteria are:

  • Uncontrolled diabetes mellitus
  • Very poor heart condition
  • Other severe medical problems

Preparations a day before surgery:

  • Reservation of at least 2 packed cells for transfusion
  • Reservation of ICU bed for single day observation

Bilateral TKR
Bilateral TKR

Preparation in the Operation Theatre:

Combined Spinal and Epidural Anestheisa is  given for a Bilateral Knee Replacement

Caesarean Section

After Surgery:

  • Walking with walker is initiated on day 2 after surgery.
  • Stair climbing is initiated on day 4 after surgery.
  • Walking with tripod stick is initiated on day 6 after surgery.
  • Patient is discharged on day 7 after surgery.