Fabella Syndrome

Fabella in the Knee


It is a condition in which there is a Sesamoid Bone in the lateral gastrocnemius. It is located behind the lateral (outer) Femoral Condyle. It is a normal variant in 10-20% people without any symptoms.


Continuous rubbing of the Sesamoid Bone over the lateral Femoral Condyle can cause pain. This is called as the Fabella Syndrome.

Clinical Features:

Pain and tenderness over posterior aspect of Knee, best examined when the leg is straight.

Investigations :


Fabella Knee X-ray


Fabella Knee MRI

Conservative Management:

  1. Rest
  2. Ice
  3. Anti-inflammatory medications
  4. Heel lifts (shorten gastrocnemius)


Surgical Management:

Is indicated only when the conservative therapy as failed after a 6 month trial. In this case a surgical excision is done to relieve the symptoms.