Knee Exercise Demonstration

» Ankle Pumps:

Strengthen the calf and leg muscles.

Ankle Pump

Ankle Pump

Press both feet down and wait for 10 seconds, then pull both feet up and wait for 10 seconds.

» Static Quadricep Exercises:

Strengthens the Knee Extensors.

Static Quadricep Exercise

Static Quadricep Exercise

Push the Knee down and tighten the quadriceps in such a way that the knee becomes a fulcrum to lever the ankle up. Then take foot towards your self and wait for 10 seconds before relaxing.

» Knee Bending on Bed:

Strengthens the Knee flexors whilst lying down.

Knee Bending on Bed

» Dynamic Quadricep Exercises:

Strengthening Knee flexors whilsts sitting at the edge of the bed.

Dynamic Quadriceps Exercise

Dynamic Quadriceps Exercise

» Hip Adduction with Gravity:

Strengthens the Hip Adductors.

hip abduction

hip abduction2

Lying down and taking the leg outwards.

» Straight leg raising :

Strengthens the quadriceps.

straigh leg

straigh leg2

Lying down straight and raising the leg.

» Hip adduction against gravity:

Strengthens the hip adductors.

Hip Abduction img2

Hip Abduction img1

Lying down on side and raising the leg towards the ceiling.

» Hamstring strengthening :

hamstring strengthening

hamstring strengthening2

Lying down on the stomach and bending the knee. Holding it for 10 seconds and then straightening it.

» Ankle curls :

To strengthen gastrocnemius.

ankle curls

ankle curls2

Standing on toes and waiting for 10 seconds before relaxing.

» Hamstring curls :

Strengthens hamstrings.

hamstring curls

hamstring curls2

Bending Knee in standing position.