After the Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

In the Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgery Recovery Room:

After the surgery, you will be shifted to the recovery room where you will be able to meet your relatives. You will be observed by the doctors in the recovery room for about 1 hour. Oral fluids will be given to you 4 hours after the surgery; soft diet will be provided late in the evening. You will be discharged after 7 pm the same day.

You will be put in arm pouch or a Shoulder external rotation brace. In case of a Bankart Repair or a Rotator Cuff Repair the arm pouch or external rotation brace will be worn by you for at least 3 weeks.

Shoulder External Rotation Brace

Arm Pouch

You will be explained the post-operative rehabilitation program by Dr. Amyn Rajani and his team of physiotherapists.

Patients usually recover from Shoulder Arthroscopy much faster than they recovery from traditional Open Shoulder Surgery.

Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgery Rehabilitation Goals:

Your next visit to Dr. Amyn Rajani will be on day 15, where clips will be removed.

You will be shown pendulum exercises.

Proper rehabilitation will start at around 3 weeks with a team of physiotherapist from the clinic.

Expect to get full range of movement by 6 weeks and strength by 9 weeks after surgery.

Pendulum Exercises

How often and how long should I wear sling after surgery?

The sling is for your protection and comfort after surgery, It is recommended that you wear your sling all the time, including your bedtime where your arms will feel safe and protected.

Ice for Swelling

Ice tremendously helps in healing the swelling and in also decreasing the pain. Ice therapy 2-3 times a day for 30 minutes will prove to be of tremendous help

How much activity should I do?

There is no correct answer. We suggest taking it easy the day of the surgery. Expect to be groggy and tired due to the anesthesia and medications given during the procedure. Take it easy for the first couple of days after surgery and progress your activities as tolerated.

Sports after Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery?

You should always keep a realistic goal of returning to sporting activities after your surgery. It will surely take time, but it's definitely not an impossible task if you regularly attend all physiotherapy exercises, follow proper diet and give your shoulder arms ample amount of rest.