FAQs of Shoulder Arthroscopy

Can I take a shower?

At least for about 2 weeks the Shoulder should not get wet. You may cover it with plastic and take a shower. Please be careful not to wet the dressing.

Can I drive?

You are not permitted to drive while you are on narcotic pain medications. We do not recommend that you drive while the sling is on. Once you have been instructed that the sling is no longer required, you must wait until you have adequate strength and range of motion to drive.

When do I start physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy will usually begin sometime after your first post-operative visit. Your surgeon will inform of your physical therapy start date during your first post-operative visit.

Do I need the sling/immobilizer?

In most cases, the sling/immobilizer is used to protect your arm in the early stages after surgery. If your procedure does not require the use of the sling / immobilizer, you will receive specific instructions regarding it.

What things can I do?

For the first 2 weeks following surgery, you should remain in the sling at all times. Use ice and rest.

What are the things that I should avoid?

For the first 2 weeks you should not do any active movements with the Shoulder. When you begin therapy after your first post-operative visit, you will be given instructions as to your progression of activities. Protect your incisions with sun block from 3 weeks post-operation until 6 months into post-operation. If you have had a repair, do not lift, carry, push or pull anything greater than 5 Kg until 4 months post-operation.

My shoulder hurts! I thought it would be better by now?

Even though there are only a few small incisions, there was a significant amount of work that was done inside the Shoulder. The Shoulder can be stiff and sore for several weeks and you can expect some discomfort. Please do not judge the effectiveness of the surgery until after you have given yourself ample time to recover from the surgery. This may be at least 16 weeks after the surgery.