What is Shoulder Replacement?

Regain Lost Arm Movement with Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Shoulder is one of the largest and the most important joints in the body. As we get older, almost everyone will experience some aches or pains in their shoulder. While conservative treatments like, antibiotics, painkillers, injections are good for minor problems, shoulder with major injuries and aches should compulsorily go under a shoulder surgeon’s knife.

What is Shoulder Replacement?

Though Shoulder Replacement is less common than knee or hip replacement, it is just as successful in relieving joint pain. Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery for shoulder fractures was first performed in the United States by Shoulder Specialist in the 1950s. Over the last many years, this surgery has been successfully performed to treat many different issues related to shoulder.

In Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery, the damaged parts of the shoulder are removed and replaced with artificial components, called the prosthesis.

Replacing Degenerative Joint with an Artificial One

When the bones in the shoulder rub against each other or are damaged or broken, then they may need to be repaired with metal implants.

The Different Surgical Options for Shoulder Replacement Surgery include:

  • Replacement of only the head of the humerus bone (ball),
  • Replacement of both the ball and the socket (glenoid).

Both treatments depend on how badly you have injured or damaged your shoulder joints or cartilage.

Total Shoulder Replacement

Benefits of undergoing Shoulder Replacement Surgery:

  • Reduced Joint Pain
  • Increased strength
  • Increased mobility
  • Correction of shoulder deformity
  • Restoration of shoulder limb strength
  • Improved quality of life