Prepatellar Bursitis


The Prepatellar Bursa is located between the front of the Kneecap (called the Patella) and the overlying skin. This bursa allows the Kneecap to slide freely underneath the skin as we bend and straighten our Knees.

It is the inflammation of this bursa in front of the Kneecap (Patella) which is called Prepatellar Bursitis.


  • Direct Trauma
  • Repetitive Kneeling

Clinical Features:

  • Pain and swelling in front of the Knee» Management:

    Conservative Management:

    • NSAIDs
    • Local ice therapy
    • Eliminate pressure overlying patella
    • Prepatellar Bursa injection (refractory cases)

    Surgical Management:
    Rarely indicated. Excision of the bursa