Subscapularis Tear

The subscapularis Muscle is one of the four Rotator Cuff Muscles. It is the large one at the front of the Shoulder. It is the largest & strongest Cuff Muscle providing 53% of Total Cuff Strength.

The upper 60% of the insertion is tendinous and the lower 40% muscle.

It functions to turn the arm inwards and also helps in lifting movements, swimming and overhead activities.

Tears of the Subscapularis:
It tears less often than the other Rotator Group muscles, but when it does it causes dislocation of the biceps tendon from its groove. A person with a Subscapularis Tear will have pain at the front of the Shoulder and weakness with activities that involve forward lifting, twisting the arm inwards and sports.


  • Ultrasound
  • MRI

Subscapularis Muscle

The elderly and patients with very low demands do very well with Conservative Management Physiotherapy.
In young and active adults a mini-open repair of the Tendon is performed.