FAQs of Fractures around Shoulder

How long does the Fracture take to unite?

It takes 6 to 10 weeks for a fracture to unite.

How long does it take to reach the activity and strength level as before the Fracture?

It can take upto 8 months to a year to reach the the pre-fracture level.

How can loss of Shoulder Movement be prevented?

Loss of Shoulder Movement can be prevented by stable and strong surgical fixation of the fracture allowing early post-operative mobilization of the Shoulder Joint. Meticulous handling of the skin and muscles around the Shoulder during surgery so as to minimise the scar tissue formation.

How can complications be prevented?

Complications like infection can be avoided by operating in sterile environment, use of Prophylactic antibiotics and Aseptic precautions. Neurovascular injury can be avoided by meticulous dissection.

How can arthritis be prevented?

Arthritis is a late complication of any fracture close to a joint. It usually occurs after a few years. If can be prevented by accurate re-alignment of the fracture fragments as close to normal as possible. Nothing less than perfect should be accepted.