Dr. Amyn Rajani takes immense pride in his patients and their ability to overcome tough physical challenges. Read our patient testimonials to find out what people are talking about the Limca Book of Record Holder Doctor.

Dr. Rajani is a very approachable person. He explained the entire treatment very well. I would definitely recommend his name for shoulder-related surgeries.
Five out of five stars to Dr. Amyn Rajani. Whatever the doctor says just follow and don’t ever think of a second opinion, believe me, you are in very safe hands. Thank you doctor, for treating my mother-in-law and making her fit and fine.
I am very satisfied with my Frozen Shoulder Treatment. Dr Amyn Rajani's advice helped me get rid of a very painful problem. Thank you so much Dr. Amyn Rajani!
A very friendly doctor who helped me overcome all my fears. Thank you for your support.
Indeed a commendable job done by Dr. Amyn Rajani, I am very much back to my martial arts because of the right guidance given by such an expert.
Dr. Amyn Rajani is a highly experienced orthopaedican. I was diagnosed with a Shoulder Muscle Ligament Tear, I visited him and he explained me the condition elaborately and the process that required rectifying the tear. Doctor is extremely friendly and created a good rapport to help me feel comfortable before, during and after the surgery.
Dr. Amyn Rajani was observant and attentive. Doctor very patiently heard me out with my problems and pain, did a clinical examination prior to even reading the reports. This was truly impressive. When a doctor gives you faith to believe that you will be relieved soon then it is encouraging. Thank you doctor.