Back in Action after Shoulder Replacement Surgery

An active life suddenly gone kaput because of constant pain and shoulder issues? Extreme shoulder pain and problems usually have that tendency to impact both mental and physical health. People who enjoy participating in outdoor activities like playing a game of tennis, biking and jogging in free time find it extremely difficult to cope with the idea of sitting idle at home because of serious shoulder problems.

Recovery from Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery is a long road and it requires commitment and dedication. It ain’t until after the Shoulder Replacement Surgery that you will realize how much you depend on your shoulders.

Shoulder Replacement will gradually improve your quality of life so you shouldn’t hesitate or be scared to go under the knife.

While recovery period is same for every person, getting back to activities depend on the type of work you do and the profession you are in. Sportsmen usually take time to get back to their playing field. The recovery process could prove to be a tedious task, it will also test your patience at times, but the only way forward is to keep a calm and cool head.

Never skipping a physiotherapy sessions is also a key to success in your recovery process. Physiotherapy sessions are designed in a way that the patient attains long-term movement and the agility to perform every day’s tasks and professional activities in a better and smooth way.

Reasons why physical therapy after Shoulder Replacement Surgery is important according to Shoulder Specialists in Mumbai and all over the world.

  • It helps you build muscle strength
  • Regular physiotherapy increases your range of motion
  • Will protect your new joint to the fullest
  • Help you live a care-free and pain-free life

Total Shoulder Replacement Surgeon in Mumbai, Dr. Amyn Rajani says balanced-diet and good rest are also equally important. You need to feed your body with good healthy food and give it ample amount of rest in order help it fully heal and recover

It will take about six months before you can expect to return to more rigorous activities after shoulder replacement surgery, such as golfing or swimming.

How long will your Shoulder Replacement last?

It’s difficult to put down on paper about the exact number of years, but experts say that it’s usually between 15-20 years.


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