ACL Injury – What do you need to know?

Anterior Cruciate Ligament or ACL injury can mostly be seen in sportsperson or people involved in rigorous physical activities. They can lead to severe consequences if not treated or prevented. However, as per a surgeon who performs ACL tear surgery in Mumbai people do not possess proper knowledge about ACL and ACL injury.

What is the Anterior Cruciate Ligament?

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament or ACL is one among the key ligaments stabilizing the knee joint. The ligament crosses from the underside of the femur to the top of the tibia.

The ACL functions to control the knee motion and provides rotational stability to the knee. Also, it acts as a restraint to the forward motion of the tibia.

In the words of knee surgeon Mumbai or across the world, an ACL injury is a tear or sprain in the ligament. It most commonly occurs due to sudden stops or abrupt motion in different directions, jumping or landing. It has the highest occurrence in sports like basketball, soccer, football or cricket.

How to identify an ACL tear?

As per a leading knee surgeon Mumbai, the first sign of an ACL tear is a loud popping sensation in the knee. Further, it can be identified by swelling, severe pain and inability of motion.

How can an ACL tear be treated?

The treatment approach varies depending upon the severity of the injury and age and fitness of the individual.

Fit and young people are often recommended surgery. This is advised so that they could resume their activities later. During ACL reconstruction surgery in Mumbai or anywhere else, the damaged ligament is replaced with a segment of a tendon.

People undergoing surgery are advised to provide ample time for recovery before returning to play or resuming their activities. This reduces the risk of reinjury and restores the stability and function of the knee.

Can it be prevented?

Undergoing an ACL reconstruction surgery in Mumbai or anywhere else can be a tough task. It takes longer to recover and does not have a determined time to return to sports or heavy physical activities. Surgeons who perform ACL tear surgery in Mumbai suggest that with few precautions it can be prevented.

  • Prepare your body and listen to it. To prevent ACL tears, always prepare your body for the activities. Also, having awareness of your body functioning can help you. Proper warm-up and stretching before workouts and adequate rest to your body are needed as well.
  • Focus on your muscle health. Keep your ligaments healthy by good nutrition and proper hydration. It strengthens them and makes them protected from injury.
  • Avoid direct impact on them. For people with a history of a knee injury, ensure that you lower the impact of your body-weight on knees.

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