Coronavirus (COVID-19): Why Orthopaedic Surgeons Don’t Want to Operate Right Now

All those who have scheduled surgeries in the next few weeks are probably going to be cancelled due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. It could possibly be inconvenient and disruptive for you. However, from the viewpoint of the surgeons, it is a challenging situation amidst the pandemic. Moreover, the large-scale cancellations of the surgery have never been experience before.

Health Care Centres and Hospitals have introduced dramatic changes to prevent the patients and Healthcare providers getting exposed to the Coronavirus. The Orthopedic department in the majority of the hospitals has been shut down or restricted. Doctors are suggesting to home treat common workout injuries and suggesting ways of managing chronic pain at work. These along with mild health concerns are observed in the ortho department.


The next wave of change comes with the cancellation of the surgeries and procedures scheduled for the patients. This is done for the hospitals to concentrate their resources and doctors on the critically ill coronavirus infected patients who stand in the prime need of them.


Moreover, the Italian government began publishing a new data set pertaining to the coronavirus suspend make which listed the names of the medical professionals who died from the virus. The number has been substantially increased over the past few days. The doctors working on the front lines are at the most risk of not only catching the virus but experiencing a severe form of it.

Moreover, the coronavirus is primarily transmitted through aerosols. This is a major reason which is preventing the surgeons to perform surgical procedures as they pose a threat of contracting the disease. A substantial number of doctors and Health care workers have been infected by contracting the virus through asymptomatic COVID-19 patients which is a matter of concern for others.


The risk is not only limited to the surgeons which will be operating but all the tools involved in the surgery might facilitate the transmission of the virus substantially. Also, the virus has the tendency to live on certain surfaces for several days which can cause a potential threat to the people contacting it.


The doctors across the world are reluctantly speaking out on the severity of the virus and the threat it poses to them. Protection of the doctors is critical as they hold a major part to play amidst this crisis. The list of medical professionals getting infected or dying has been noticeably increasing. This has been due to their prolonged contact with COVID-19 patients. Rescheduling surgeries is a crucial next step in safeguarding the medics. Also, this would enable the resources to be available for the prevailing pandemic needs.

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