Do You Know What Happens During an ACL Surgery?

Since last few years, the surgery for Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Tear has advanced a lot. It is not done the same way now as it was done earlier. Various advancements and modification for good have been made to it. In the words of the finest Arthroscopic Surgeon in Mumbai, they perform the surgery arthroscopically. It refers to surgery without opening the knee joint for ligament reconstruction.

An ACL Surgery requires two-three small incisions in the knee which spans for a quarter inch. A little bigger incision is made below the knee to make a little trap door to get the new ligament in place without opening up the knee. However, the surgeons perform major part of the surgery in the proper knee joint through the quarter-inch incisions made – arthroscopically.

How to prepare for an ACL surgery?

According to a Knee Joint Replacement Specialist in Mumbai, they fix appointments with the surgeon to discuss the same. They perform several examinations, discuss the treatment options and talk about other options that relate to the surgery. These meetings have a major part in preparing you for the surgery.

Then, the doctors fully screen the person on which they have to perform the ACL surgery for allergies and diseases. Moreover, the Knee Joint Replacement Specialist provides complete instructions for the surgery day.

Clear your concerns with the surgeon and prepare yourself for everything that will be coming your way.

How is the ACL Surgery performed?

The procedure for the ACL Surgery commences by making the patient change into a hospital gown and placing an intravenous line in the arm. This is done to monitor and administer the medications, anaesthesia or sedatives.

Upon selecting the sample tissue, the surgeon either surgically removes it or prepares it from a cadaver. Further, the surgeon outfits the tendon with “bone plugs” or anchor points to graft it into the knee.

During the ACL Surgery, small incisions are made in front of the knee for an arthroscope which is a thin tube outfitted with the fiber optic camera as well as surgical tools. This allows the Knee Surgeon to obtain an inside view of the knee during the surgery.

The torn ACL is then removed and the Knee Surgeon cleans the area. The surgeon will then drill small holes into your tibia and femur to attach the bone plugs with posts, screws, staples, or washers.

When the new ligament is attached, the range of motion of the knee is tested by the Arthroscopy Specialist to ensure that the graft is secure. The opening is then stitched when the procedure is performed and dressing is done. And stabilization is provided to the knee with a brace.

All this sums up to the happenings of an ACL surgery. In-person interaction with the Arthroscopy Specialist in Mumbai can provide a better and complete understanding of the procedure.

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