How Is ACL Tear Surgery Performed?

What is ACL Tear Surgery?

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tear surgery involves replacing or repairingthe damaged ACL in order to restore normal knee joint anatomy and functions. A tendon taken from another joint of the patient’s own body is used in place of the damaged ACL.

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Procedure Of ACL Surgery

Modern technology always helps to find better and more advanced solutions for most problems. Minimal invasive techniques like arthroscopy are the new answer to performing orthopedic surgeries. Arthroscopy techniques yield greater benefits and a speedy post-surgical recovery in comparison to open surgery methods.


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Patients are usually required to be admitted to the hospital well in advance in order to complete pre-operative medical check-up and formalities related to the surgery.


The steps to ACL Surgery are mentioned below:

  • In order to follow the highest level of sanitary measures, patients are required to wear a sterilized gown provided by the hospital during surgery.
  • Once inside the operation theater, regional anesthesia is administereddue to which both the legs become numb to any sensation. Alternatively, general anesthesia may be administered due to which the patient remains unconscious throughout the surgery.
  • The knee which is to be operated upon is maintained in a flexed position to get a better access point during surgery.
  • The skin over knee is surgically incised and underlying connective tissue is carefully separated. An arthroscope is then inserted till it reaches the damaged portion of the ACL.
  • The ACL is surgically sutured using advanced tools. A piece of healthy tendon or ligament obtained from the patient’s own body may be used to restructure the damaged ACL.
  • Any damaged or inflamed tissue debris is removed to prevent infection.
  • The skin incision is closed using medically suitable, skin friendly suture material.


Patients regain sensation in their legs (in case of regional anesthesia) and/or consciousness (in case of general anesthesia only) within sometime after the surgery in most cases. Minimally invasive techniques make the period of post-surgical recovery faster and relatively shorter.


An immediate examination of the patient’s health is done by monitoring their consciousness level, pain experienced in the operated knee and vital statistics. Patients are required to keep their operated knee completely immobile till the orthopedic surgeon deems it fit. Patients are allowed to go home soon after the surgeon determines that the ACL surgery was successful.


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