Risks And Complications Of Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery

Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery: Brief Description


Shoulder joint replacement is the surgical procedure of removing the diseased and degenerated shoulder joint and replacing it with a prosthesis. A prosthesis is an artificially designed replica of any joint, limb, or other parts of the body that mimics the structure and function of that part of the body.


The entire shoulder joint or a part of it could be replaced during the surgery. Total shoulder replacement surgery in Mumbai is indicated when there is widespread damage to the shoulder joint from within. Minimally invasive techniques like arthroscopy are used to perform joint replacement surgery in Saifee Hospital Mumbai for the shoulder joint.


Keyhole access has reduced considerably, the duration and chances of complications associated with shoulder joint replacement surgery.


However, patients must be made aware of the possible complications and after-effects so they can take care of their own health in a better way.


Complications Of Shoulder Joint Surgery


  • Malalignment Of Prosthesis


The prosthesis that is used to replace the damaged shoulder joint during the replacement surgery needs to be attached very carefully to the neighboring healthy tissue. If due care is not taken and the prosthesis is malaligned, the patient will have constant pain, stiffness, and a generalized sensation of discomfort around the operated shoulder joint. A malaligned prosthesis does not function as well as a healthy shoulder joint should.


  • Septic Complications


Sepsis is one of the dreaded complications associated with most surgeries. Joint replacement surgeries involve a certain amount of exploration of the normal healthy tissues around the joint. The tissues may get infected if the instruments are not sterile or if the patient is not prescribed anti-biotics. Septic complications after joint replacement surgery could cause pus, swelling, and localized tenderness around the joint with a varying range of fever. Patients may not be able to move their operated shoulder joint normally. This complication occurs rarely nowadays due to the advent and usage of minimally invasive techniques for surgery.


  • Injury

Muscles, tendons, nerves, and even bones associated with the shoulder joint may be injured during the surgery. While the possibility is highly unlikely considering the amount of precaution the surgeons follow, patients are still warned about the same before they undergo joint replacement surgery. Any injury occurring during the course of surgery is repaired promptly by the shoulder specialist in Breach Candy Hospital Mumbai who performs the surgery.



Shoulder joint replacement surgery may be associated with other unknown complications too other than those mentioned above. Patients are advised to consult with their surgeon immediately if they experience any growing or constant discomfort after their shoulder joint replacement surgery. Prompt medical or surgical intervention will prevent the complications from affecting the patient’s health any further.

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