Should Shoulder Synovitis Be Treated Surgically?

What Is Shoulder Synovitis?

Synovitis of the shoulder is an inflammatory condition of the synovium present within the shoulder joint. Consult the best shoulder surgeon in Mumbai immediately if you are experiencing any symptoms of shoulder synovitis. Synovium is a membrane that lines the bones and tendons of every joint from within. It has a soft inner layer and a tough less flexible outer layer.

The functions of a synovium include secretion of a special fluid known as synovial fluid. This fluid is responsible for maintaining healthy lubrication within the joint. This helps in free movements of the joint.


What Are The Symptoms Of Shoulder Synovitis?

Synovitis can be quite a painful and uncomfortable health condition. The inflamed synovium can restrict joint movements and alter the amount and nature of synovial fluid. The symptoms of synovitis are as follows:

● Pain In The Shoulder

Pain is the primary symptom of shoulder joint synovitis. There is an increase in the pain when any attempt is made to move the shoulder joint.

● Stiffness Of The Shoulder

Inflammation of the synovium reduces the free space available within the shoulder joint. This causes stiffness of the joint which is felt more while moving the affected shoulder.

● Swelling Over The Shoulder

The affected shoulder may appear swollen from outside due to accumulation of excess synovial fluid within the joint. Synovial fluid fails to drain away due to the inflamed synovium.

Symptoms of synovitis can be easily managed with timely medical intervention. Consulting with the best arthroscopic shoulder surgeon in Mumbai will offer an insight into the severity of shoulder synovitis.


How Is Shoulder Synovitis Treated?

Synovitis is often manageable with medicinal treatment. But in severe cases of shoulder synovitis surgical intervention may be required. There are some home treatment methods as well, that may be used to complement the mainstream treatment method.

● Medical Treatment

Pain relief medicines, steroids, anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed to patients in oral or injectable form. Treatment may last for 4-6 weeks depending on the intensity of the patient's condition.

● Surgery

Shoulder surgery may be indicated if patients do not respond in a satisfactory manner to medical treatment. Orthopedic surgery specialists in Mumbai may recommend arthroscopic surgery for the shoulder. This helps to remove any debris that has accumulated within the joint due to inflammation of the synovium.

● Home Treatment

Home treatment includes simple options like warm compress over the shoulder to obtain relief. However, this cannot be a substitute to medicines or surgery. Any home treatment should be tried only after consulting with a shoulder surgeon only.

Synovitis, a seemingly harmless condition, has the capability to aggravate in case of medical neglect. Consult with an orthopedic doctor soon, should you experience any symptoms of shoulder synovitis.


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