Shoulder Injury: How To Deal With It?

What Are The Types Of Shoulder Injuries?

Your shoulder is one of the most likely parts of the musculoskeletal system to sustain injuries, since it contributes to a lot of day-to-day physical activity. Let us take a look at the common type of injuries that your shoulder is likely to sustain.

1. Rotator Cuff Tear:

Rotator cuff is an extremely important layer of soft tissue offering structural and protective support to the shoulder joint. Injury to the rotator cuff is usually a serious affair and may need immediate ACL tear surgery in Mumbai for treatment.

2. Shoulder Joint Strain:

Your shoulder joint tendons become strained when they experience excessive physical stress. This happens because of mechanical stretching of the tendons which keep the shoulder joint stable.

3. Perforating Injury:

Perforating injury to the shoulder may damage any part of the shoulder joint including the rotator cuff, shoulder joint tendons, muscles of the shoulder and even the bones that contribute to the formation of the shoulder joint.

Other than these injuries, sprained shoulder joint ligaments, fracture of bones that form the shoulder joint, frozen shoulder are some of the problems that will affect shoulder joint functioning.

What Are The Causes Of Shoulder Injury?

It is important to get to the root cause of the shoulder joint injury in order to ensure complete treatment. Here are some of the commonest instances that lead to some form of shoulder injury:

1. Traumatic Impact:

Direct impact with a heavy object due to vehicular accident, injury sustained while performing domestic or industrial chores may damage the soft tissue or bones that form the shoulder joint. Perforating injuries of shoulder are also possible in case of impact with a sharp, pointed object.

2. Dislocation Of Shoulder Joint:

The shoulder joint may get dislocated if the arm gets pulled in a sudden manner with a strong force. The action of dislocation of the shoulder joint due to the arm being yanked may cause temporary injury to the neighbouring muscles and tendons.

3. Fractured Bones:

Fracture of any of the bones that contribute to the formation of shoulder joint may occur due to direct impact with a heavy object. Broken splinters of fractured bones may also damage neighbouring soft tissue like the rotator cuff.

Timely treatment of shoulder injuries will help in prompt healing of the tissues and prevent health complications. Consult with a shoulder surgeon in Mumbai for treatment of your shoulder injuries.


Treatment Methods For Shoulder Injury

Once the cause and type of shoulder injury is detected, it becomes easy to decide the course of treatment. Shoulder injuries can be treated medically or surgically.

  1. Medical Treatment

Sprains and strains of the soft tissues of the shoulder can be treated medically with the help of pain relief medicines, anti-inflammatory agents and in some cases, steroids. These medicines may be consumed orally or administered in the form of injections.

  1. Surgical Treatment

More severe injuries like rotator cuff tear, perforation of shoulder joint capsule may require surgical intervention. Arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery in Mumbai will help to reconstruct the damaged soft tissue of the shoulder and prevent health complications.


Management of shoulder injuries also requires post surgery treatment like physiotherapy, exercise therapy and occupational therapy. Consult with an expert orthopedic doctor at the earliest for your shoulder injury.


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