Tricks & Tips Prevent Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tears

What is an ACL Tear?

ACL tear is one of the most common orthopaedic injuries that affects the anterior cruciate ligament of your knee. People who play high-impact sports are also at extreme risk of getting sidelined by ACL tears.

According to Dr. Amyn Rajani, Knee Specialist in Mumbai... usually, a loud pop or a popping sensation in the knee is the first symptom of an ACL injury.

Here are some ways in which you can protect your knees from getting affected by ACL Tears:                                                  

  • Prepare your Body for the long run: Preparation and body awareness will go a long way in preventing ACL Tears. Stretching before and after gym workout and exercises is extremely important. You need to make sure that you give your muscles as much as time and space to attain comfortable flexibility. Your exercise stance, knee position and walking posture should be as accurate as possible at all times.
  • Power up your Ligaments: Orthopaedic Surgeons say that good nutrition and proper hydration is essential to fortify your ligaments. You need to have a diet which includes all vitamins, proteins, irons and minerals in right proportion. Eating a lot of colourful fruits, leafy vegetables, lean proteins and nuts will ensure that your ligaments get that much required calcium and proteins

Did you know?

Females are more likely to get ACL Tear and injured and go ACL Tear Surgery in Mumbai than their male counterparts.

  • Strengthen your Surrounding Muscles: Your surrounding muscles should to be strong enough to withstand the ultimate pressure and burden on your knee. It is important to strengthen the hamstring to provide that strength and flexibility all over.
  • Lower the Impact on your Knees: People who are at a risk of injuring their ACL (a poor record of knee injuries) should opt for knee rehabilitation exercises and activities that do not cause to too much strain and burden on their knees. There are several ways to exercise while lowering the body-weight impact on the knees. Pool training, a good treadmill workout are the best ways to lower the overall impact.

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