Is Joint Replacement Surgery The Answer To Your Joint Pains?

What Is Joint Replacement Surgery?


Joint replacement is a surgical procedure to remove the diseased portion of a joint or the entire diseased joint. A joint replacement surgeon in Mumbai will then proceed to fit an artificially designed joint in place of the degenerated joint. The artificial joint is known as a prosthesis, which is made of plastic or other material that will not harm the patient’s surrounding organs.


Partial joint replacement involves surgical extraction of only a limited portion of the joint. The surgery is possible when the remaining part of the joint is healthy. The healthy joint acts as an anchor to support the prosthesis during partial joint replacement.


Patients who have been diagnosed with widespread tissue damage within and around their joints may require total joint replacement. There is no support available for the new prosthesis during the surgery, because the entire diseased joint is removed.

Indications Of Joint Replacement Surgery


Joint replacement is usually reserved as the ultimate choice of treatment when medicine and surgery fail to resolve the ongoing joint complaints. Given below are the common indications of joint replacement.


  • Increasing Symptoms


An orthopaedic doctor in Mumbai will conduct a thorough examination for patients presenting with joint complaints and also advise diagnostic tests. A comprehensive treatment plan is then formulated to suit the patient’s health. If the patients’ joint complaints keep increasing despite the best treatment then joint replacement surgery might be the best possible solution.


  • Irreversible Damage


The extent of joint tissue damage depends on the intensity and frequency with which the joint was exposed to the causative factor. Recurrent injuries, overstressing the joint, autoimmune disorders or inflammatory disorders can trigger long-lasting damage to the cartilaginous portion of the joint. The ill effects of permanent joint damage can be removed with joint replacement surgery.


  • Poor Response To Other Treatment


Despite moderate and controllable joint damage, patients may not respond well to treatment with medicines, physiotherapy, or exercise therapy. An orthopedic doctor in Saifee hospital Mumbai may recommend joint replacement to their patients who do not benefit with other mainstream methods of treatment for their joint complaints.

Benefits Of Joint Replacement Surgery


Joint replacement surgery offers the following advantages over other treatment methods for joint complaints.


  • The effects of joint replacement are long lasting in most cases and patients are not likely to experience further joint troubles.
  • Patients will regain the strength and mobility of their operated joint very quickly and permanently after the surgery.
  • Patients suffer lesser pain and stiffness in their joints after joint replacement surgery than they do after other joint surgeries.
  • With physiotherapy and medication, patients can restore normal joint movements and functions rather quickly after joint replacement surgery.

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