Treating A Dislocated Shoulder

Causes Of Shoulder Dislocation


The bone of the upper arm (humerus) ends in a ball like structure that fits perfectly into a socket present in the shoulder blade. This ball and socket arrangement forms the shoulder joint. Dislocation of the shoulder joint occurs when the ball of the humerus comes out of its original position within the socket.


The common causes of shoulder dislocation are as follows:


  • Blunt Trauma

A vehicular accident or direct impact to the shoulder with a heavy object could lead to dislocation of the joint. There may be associated injuries like a fractured humerus. Sports injuries occurring while playing football, basketball or rugby are also examples of blunt trauma


  • Forceful Pulling Of The Arm

A strong force used to tug someone at the arm is likely to disrupt the connection between the ball and socket of the shoulder joint.


  • Sudden Hyperextension of Shoulder Joint

We tend to hold on to a structure for support if we are falling down, which invariably causes the shoulder joint to be extended with great force. This may dislocate the joint and also injure the muscles around the joint. Rotator cuff surgery in Mumbai may be required to repair the muscles.


  • Tendency

Some people have an inherent tendency to dislocate their shoulder joint due to weakness of the supporting structures around the joint.


Treatment Of Shoulder Dislocation


Shoulder dislocation always requires prompt medical intervention. In some cases the condition may even be a medical emergency. The treatment of a dislocated shoulder joint is done as mentioned below:


  • Immobilize the shoulder joint completely and keep it in a flexed position till medical help is available
  • Make a sling out of some cloth to fix the shoulder in one position
  • Local ice fomentation may be done to ease the pain
  • An orthopedic doctor in Mumbai will manually reset the dislocated shoulder by pushing the socket of the humerus into the socket of the shoulder blade. This is known as closed reduction of the dislocated shoulder.
  • Muscle relaxants, painkillers and anti-inflammatory agents are prescribed to patients in the form of oral medicines or injections.
  • It is mandatory for patients to wear a sling for some days after the dislocated shoulder has been reset.


Patients may require physiotherapy to resume normal shoulder movements after the dislocated shoulder has healed.


Need For Surgery


Sometimes, people may have a tendency to dislocate their shoulder joint repeatedly. In such an event arthroscopic shoulder surgery in Mumbai may be required.


Indications of surgery to treat a dislocated shoulder joint are as follows:


  • Weak structure of muscles and ligaments supporting the shoulder joint, leading to repeated dislocation
  • Fracture of bones or disruption of surrounding soft tissue accompanying the dislocation


A dislocated shoulder can cause extreme pain to the patient. Delayed medical attention may severely hamper the structural and functional integrity of the shoulder joint.

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