What Are The Pre-Operative Requisites Of Knee Replacement Surgery?

What is Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee replacement surgery is a surgical procedure performed to replace the diseased knee joint with an artificially designed prosthesis. This prosthesis will perform all the functions of a healthy knee joint. A part or whole of the joint may require to be replaced during surgery, depending on the damage involved.


Modern technology has paved way for minimally invasive methods like arthroscopy to perform knee replacement surgery. Consult with the best knee specialist in Mumbai to know more about knee replacement surgery.

Indications of Knee Replacement Surgery

All symptoms of knee discomfort do not necessarily require to be treated surgically. There are specific indications which point towards joint replacement as the only solution for knee troubles. Some of these indications have been described below.

• Irreversible knee joint damage which cannot be treated with medication or other therapy requires surgical intervention.

• Knee joint symptoms that progressively worsen are a major indication of knee replacement surgery.

• Surgery is also indicated in cases where knee symptoms fail to respond to any other form of treatment like medicines, physiotherapy etc.

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Pre-Requisites of Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee joint replacement is a major surgery and is rarely performed on emergency basis. It requires some planning for which the patient and doctor have to work as a team.


Some important requirements that need to be fulfilled before knee replacement surgery are mentioned below:

Doctor’s Opinion

Patients cannot simply take the decision to undergo a knee replacement surgery on their own will. It is important to consult with an orthopedic doctor having expertise in joint replacement surgery. Only after studying the patient’s health history and performing their medical examination can a doctor decide whether surgery is indispensable for the case.


Medical Examination

Patients will be subjected to a thorough medical examination to assess the severity of their knee joint disorder. Other systemic functions are also checked during examination to determine whether the patient is fit to undergo the physical stress associated with knee replacement surgery.


Diagnostic Tests

It is mandatory to undergo certain blood tests and scans before undergoing knee replacement surgery. These tests include blood sugar levels, Complete Blood Count, X-Ray of the affected knee, blood calcium levels etc. The test results help in determining the severity of patient’s health condition.


Physiotherapy and Exercises

Patients need to put in some effort on their part before undergoing knee replacement surgery. Regular knee exercise and physiotherapy sessions for knee prior to surgery will ensure that the muscles around knee joint are well maintained to support the newly fit prosthesis after surgery.


Signed Consent

Before undergoing any major surgery, it is mandatory for the patient to give a signed consent stating that they have understood all aspects of the surgery and are undergoing it willingly. This document is important in case of medico-legal issues after surgery.

Depending on the patient’s health and condition of the knee joint there may be other factors that need to be checked before the patient undergoes knee replacement surgery. It is important to consult with a doctor who has a valid practice license and registration.


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