What Will You Ask The Knee Replacement Specialist?

Knee replacement is a surgical process that involves reforming your damaged knee. This replacement can either be partial or total depending on the level of damage caused due to health disorder, ageing or traumatic conditions. Therefore, it is highly necessary that you discuss your on-going knee problems with a knee specialist.


There are many knee replacement & trauma centres in Mumbai that are well equipped with an esteemed group of knee specialists & surgeons. Talking to a knee specialist in Mumbai can not only help you know what type of surgery is right for you, but also bring more clarity on other related aspects of it. However, before you do that, it is extremely important that you discuss your medical history, and inquire further.


Here is a list of questions you can ask your Knee Replacement Specialist:

What is the suitable time to undergo knee replacement surgery (also known as knee arthroplasty)?

There is no fixed time or date for any surgery. Although at first, your doctor will conduct a short health evaluation. A few tests to check your vitals, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol levels, etc. would be performed to see if you are doing okay. In case of any abnormal test result, a short treatment would be conducted to get them to a normal value. If test results are normal, a convenient time can be fixed with the consent of your doctor.


What are the possible alternate procedures for the surgery?

Based on your knee damage, your doctor can either suggest a partial or total knee replacement surgery in Mumbai. However, today there are many approaches to these surgical processes; like minimally invasive techniques. Hence, asking about all the possible options to treat your knee becomes important.


What is the complete procedure of the surgery?

Before you undergo surgery of any type or method, it is essential that you inquire about its procedure. Learning the above, might help you choose the optimal one for your medical condition. Also there are few other aspects that you must know before making a final call.


What type of artificial knee is being used for your case? How long will it stay?

Knowing the available types of artificial knee, and how long it will stay in place can help you decide better for your medical state.


How long does it take for the surgery?

Check with your doctor about the time period of the surgery. If you opt for Total knee replacement in Mumbai, it takes around 60 to 90 minutes for its completion.


What are the necessary steps to follow on the surgery day?

Knowing when to arrive on the surgery day, what all steps to follow and the necessary precautions to take prior to the operation is crucial. Hence, asking your knee specialist about it in advance helps you follow the same on the day without any hassle.


What to expect post surgery?

Based on what type of knee surgery you’ve opted for, you may or may not be asked to stay back at the hospital for a few days. Hence, ensure you ask your doctor what all to expect after the surgical process is complete and prepare for it beforehand.


How long will it take for complete recovery?

It may take around 24 hours to almost a week for partial recovery of the patient. However, physiotherapy requires a bit longer to get your knee into normal motion. Your physician can give you an idea of how long it may take to normalize your knee functionality to the fullest.


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