Why Do Doctors Recommend Arthroscopic Knee Surgery?

What Is Arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive technique used to study the joints in the body and the surrounding tissues, from within. The technique allows doctors to diagnose and treat disorders of various joints in the body, by examining the joints from within. Even complicated procedures like total knee replacement in Mumbai are performed using arthroscopy technique.


What Is Arthroscopic Knee Surgery?

Knee surgery is indicated in treatment of degenerative, autoimmune or infectious disorders of the knee joint that severely hamper the internal structure and function of the joint. Injury to the supporting ligaments and cartilages of the knee joint, degenerative arthritis of the knee, severe knee pain of rheumatic origin are some of the conditions that can be treated with knee surgery.


During arthroscopic knee surgery in Mumbai your doctor will insert a narrow scope fitted with a camera, within the knee joint. A small skin incision over the knee is the access point during the surgery. A magnified view of the internal tissues of the diseased knee joint captured by the camera is displayed on a screen. The doctors can detect the anomaly easily and perform the required surgery.


Advantages Of Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

If you are an ideal candidate for knee surgery, your arthroscopy specialist in Mumbai is likely to suggest arthroscopic surgery for you. This is because arthroscopy is a much more refined and hasslefree technique than open surgery.

Here are the advantages of arthroscopic knee surgery over open surgery:

  • Lesser Duration

Arthroscopic knee surgery lasts for a shorter duration in comparison to open surgery. Due to this patients are under the effect of anesthesia facing the stress of surgery for a considerably shorter timespan.


  • Reduced Scarring

The skin incision required for arthroscopic surgery is quite small, which considerably reduces the chances of post-surgical scar formation


  • Minimal Chances Of Infection

Due to a small skin incision, the internal tissues and organs do not get over exposed to the external environment. This reduces the chances of post-surgical infection to near zero.


  • Early Recovery

Patients who undergo arthroscopic knee surgery regain their mobility sooner than those who undergo open surgery. This advantage may be attributed to faster healing of tissues after surgery due to minimal invasion.


After arthroscopy knee surgery, you will get back on your feet rather quickly if you follow all post surgery instructions well. The decision to schedule an arthroscopic procedure is completely dependent on the patient’s diagnosis, overall health and the doctor’s analysis after a thorough patient examination.


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