Rapid Recovery Program for Total Knee Replacement

Rapid Recovery Program is an innovative program for pain management that many Knee Specialists use on patients who have undergone knee joint replacement surgery. The program has been developed following years of study and experimental research. Researchers at Sydney Knee Specialists, New South Wales have implemented the latest methods from evidence-based scientific studies around the world. This has led to the development of a multimodal plan for management of pain following knee replacement surgery and revolutionized the way people recover from a knee replacement.

Traditionally, total knee replacement surgery has been viewed as a very painful process and because of this, recovery has been slow. This new approach and research aims at reducing both pain and swelling within the joint to allow a faster recovery with lesser pain so that patient can return to their regular day-to-day activities as early as possible. Pain is an individualized problem and varies from patient to patient. Most patients however define the rapid recovery program following knee replacement as being a smooth procedure which causes significantly lesser discomfort than other rehabilitation programs and helps you to get back onto your feet a lot sooner.

Pre-surgery Workup:

The surgeons strongly believe that developing muscles prior to your surgery not only accelerates the recovery, but also educates you on how to perform pre-surgery workup following the operation. Seeing a physiotherapist prior to your operation to work on strengthening weak muscle groups as well as learning the right walking posture has significant benefits. It is strongly recommended to all patients who are considering total knee replacement or partial knee replacement that if possible ride an exercise bike on a regular basis for a minimum of 15-20 minutes a day. If you have problems with chronic lower back pain, often a recumbent exercise bike relieves the pressure on the lower lumbar spine and makes the muscles around the knee stronger. Several researches have been done to prepare a list of exercises which are recommended to the patients by orthopaedicians and knee specialists in Mumbai to carry out before surgery.

Pain Management Plan:

You will be given a pain management plan that will help you to recover sooner and perform your rehabilitation. This new approach to pain management is called as pre-emptive multimodal analgesia. The concept of pain management is that pain is stopped by giving pain medicines before it actually occurs and hence pain can never develop to a point where it actually becomes uncontrollable. There are multiple tablets that you will be prescribed to take and this may be varied according to each patient’s individual needs and circumstances.

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