Reasons Behind Your Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is uncomfortable, difficult, and can present itself in varying degrees. As a patient, you may experience a variety of sensations when your shoulder pains. Your shoulder pain could be dull or sharp, constant or intermittent, throbbing or stinging, but it is a health condition that cannot be ignored. Almost all orthopedic surgery specialists in Mumbai recommend prompt medical or surgical treatment to treat shoulder pain.

Let us get acquainted with some common and some not so common causes of shoulder pain.

Common and Uncommon Causes Of Shoulder Pain


  • Shoulder Joint Arthritis

You may notice that you often experience shoulder pain after a particularly heavy workout session. Or sometimes your shoulder may start acting up after you have spent the day deep cleaning your house, washing your car, or moving heavy stuff around. The muscles of your shoulder joint undergo considerable strain due to constant weight-bearing, which is one of the most common reasons of shoulder pain. People who continue overstressing their shoulder joint regularly may develop shoulder joint arthritis that exacerbates the shoulder pain.


  • Injury

A vehicular accident, sudden fall, or severe direct impact with a heavy instrument are likely to damage the structural alignment of the shoulder joint. People may need immediate medical attention in the form of arthroscopic shoulder surgery in Mumbai depending on the nature of the injury. Some patients may require long term medical care in the form of medication, physiotherapy, and massage therapy to keep their symptoms at bay.


  • Wrong Posture

How often do you wake up with a stiff and painful shoulder after sleeping at an odd angle all night? If you face this situation often, it is time to change your pillow or your mattress. An uncomfortable sleeping surface and a mishapen pillow do not offer a comfortable resting position to your neck and shoulders at night. As a result you may experience transient shoulder pain for 1-2 days.


  • Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a common orthopaedic condition that warrants prompt medical attention. Keeping the shoulder joint in one position for a long time is one of the commonest factor to trigger frozen shoulder. The stiffness accompanying the shoulder pain is a characteristic symptom of frozen shoulder.


  • Other Disorders

Other lesser common causes of shoulder pain include septic arthritis, failed shoulder joint replacement, and generalized musculo-skeletal disorders. Almost every joint replacement surgeon in Mumbai advises their patients to report back immediately, any complaints of uncontrolled or increasing shoulder pain.


When Should You Be Concerned?


Patients are strongly advised to not sweep their shoulder complaints under the rug. If you notice that your shoulder pain is progressively increasing, not responding to rest and lifestyle changes, worsening after specific activities, or other symptoms are developing along with shoulder pain, it is time to see a doctor.


  • Treatment

Mild and transient shoulder pain often responds to adequate rest, stretching exercises, and hot/cold fomentation. However, you may require one of the following treatments or their combination to get rid of your shoulder pain.


  • Medication

Many cases of shoulder pain respond well to anti-inflammatory agents, pain relief medicines, and steroids in the form of injections, oral tablets, or creams and gels for external application.


  • Surgery

Simple arthroscopic procedures like rotator cuff surgery in Mumbai, surgery for removal of arthritic debris, treating fractured bones, or frozen shoulder often relieve shoulder pain. More severe cases of shoulder pain that do not respond to any medication or surgery may be treated with joint replacement.


  • Auxiliary Treatment

Patients may require physiotherapy, occupational therapy, wax baths, electrostimulation, massages, and exercises to reduce their shoulder complaints. Auxiliary treatment methods are always employed to complement the ongoing mainstream medical or surgical treatment for shoulder pain.


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