Partial Knee Replacement: Getting Back To Being You

What Is Partial Knee Replacement?

Partial knee replacement is a surgery during which the degenerated or diseased part of the knee joint is removed from the body. A prosthesis made of metal or plastic replaces the surgically extracted part of the knee joint.

A partial knee replacement differs from total knee replacement during which the arthroscopy specialist in Mumbai replaces the entire diseased knee joint with an artificial prosthesis. Partial knee replacement is a relatively newer technique in the field of orthopaedics, but it is already breaking a lot of barriers that patients with knee troubles are facing. The surgery is superior to total joint replacement in several aspects and offers health benefits that the later cannot provide. 

Let us get to understand the concept partial knee replacement better.

Procedure Of Partial Knee Replacement

  • A partial knee replacement specialist in Mumbai begins the surgery by positioning the patient’s knee at an angle that will provide maximum exposure of its surface area.
  • The skin and underlying muscles are carefully incised and the diseased portion of the knee is located.
  • The diseased bone and cartilage of the knee joint are surgically removed, and the artificial prosthesis is fit in place.
  • The incised muscles and skin are sutured before concluding the surgery.


Patients are likely to experience varying pain and swelling in their operated knee for a few after after the surgery. Most symptoms of discomfort recede within 1-2 days of the surgery. Patients are likely to make a speedy recovery with medication, adequate rest, and physiotherapy after undergoing partial knee replacement.


Benefits Of Partial Knee Replacement

  • Shorter Surgery Duration

Partial knee replacement takes a relatively shorter duration to complete in comparison to total knee replacement. The patient’s internal body tissue is exposed to the external environment for a lesser time, thereby reducing the chances of tissue infection.


  • Reduced Complications

The procedure of partial knee replacement is short and is associated with lesser health complications. This is largely due to the fact that the surgery allows little exposure of the internal body organs to the external environment.


  • Faster Recovery

Post-surgery knee stiffness, swelling, and pain are common symptoms after knee replacement. The symptoms are transient and mild after partial knee replacement surgery. Most patients find relief from the symptoms within a few hours or days, without any medication.


  • Greater Knee Joint Stability

The orthopedic doctor in Mumbai uses an artificial prosthesis to replace only the diseased part of the knee joint. The prosthesis has the support of the healthy knee joint, which provides it greater stability and structural integrity. A stable knee joint can perform better weight-bearing and other functions of mobility.


Partial knee joint surgery is proving to be a blessing for those who suffer from long-standing knee troubles. Check your eligibility for partial knee replacement today with an experienced joint replacement specialist in Mumbai, Dr. Amyn Rajani for Complete Orthopaedic Treatment. Book an Appointment at 91-88989 75355, 91-22-23619137.

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