Is My Knee Pain Arthritis Or Torn Meniscus?

Common Causes Of Knee Pain


Knee pain is one of the most common symptom for which patients visit orthopaedic surgery specialists in Mumbai. The pain can vary in intensity, nature, and its frequency, but it is a source of considerable discomfort. To stop knee pain from recurring or increasing in intensity it is important to detect its root cause. Below mentioned are some of the common causes of knee pain.


  • Arthritis


Constant wear and tear of the knee joint is likely to cause its degeneration leading to osteoarthritis. Pain is the foremost and commonest symptom of arthritis. Patients will experience an increase in the pain after walking, standing, or keeping the knee fixed in one position for a long time. The pain could vary in intensity and nature depending on the extent of arthritis.


  • Meniscal Tear


Meniscus is a cartilage that contributes to the structural formation and normal functioning of the knee joint. Sudden trauma or repeated wear and tear could cause the meniscus to disintegrate and tear apart. Meniscal tear can have serious repercussions if the conditions is not diagnosed and treated on time. Patients having a torn meniscus in their knee may suffer from severe pain and reduced mobility due to the joint condition.


  • ACL Damage


The ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) is another important soft tissue that helps in giving stability and mobility to the knee joint. Trauma due to vehicular accident, impact with a heavy object, or a fall could damage the ACL. ACL reconstruction surgery in Mumbai is helpful to restore the structural integrity of the ACL and treat the damage caused to the knee joint.


Knee pain is a solitary symptom and cannot help the doctor to come up with the diagnosis instantly. Every knee pain is different and will have subtle differences in their presentation. The patient’s narration of the nature and development of their knee pain is likely to point to a specific diagnosis. Let us see how meniscal pain differs from arthritis.

Arthritis Vs Torn Meniscus


Arthritis of the knee joint develops gradually and so does the pain associated with it. Arthritis pain usually increases after performing activities that put a pressure on the joint, and may subside with adequate rest. Patients with arthritis may not be able to recall any exact event or day after which they started noticing the pain.


Meniscal pain is more acute in comparison to arthritis pain due to the physical damage involved. Patients are likely to recall that the pain began after a particular injury or accident. Meniscal pain is more severe than arthritis and appears more suddenly as opposed to the gradual onset of arthritis pain.


Doctors can come up with a final diagnosis of the knee pain only after performing a physical evaluation of the patient.

Treating Knee Pain


Knee pain can be treated medically, surgically, or by implementing a combination of both. Mild knee pain that does not involve structural damage can be treated with medicines like pain killers, anti-inflammatory agents, and steroids.


For more advance damage to the knee joint tissue, arthroscopic knee surgery in Mumbai is usually recommended. Patients are usually prescribed a strict regimen of medication, physiotherapy, exercise therapy, and adequate rest to help them recover after knee surgery.


Do not ignore your knee pain. See an orthoopedic specialist in Mumbai at the earliest!

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