Medicines That Hasten Recovery After Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Joint Surgery: A Brief Description


Knee replacement surgery involves removing the diseased knee joint from the patient’s body and fitting an artificially designed knee joint (also known as a prosthesis) in its place. The entire knee joint or only the damaged part of the joint is replaced during surgery.

The surgeon will make multiple small incisions on the skin overlying the knee joint and insert a thin scope through one of the incisions. Tools required during the knee surgery are inserted through the other skin incisions to.


Nowadays the surgery is performed using minimally invasive techniques like arthroscopy. This technique has reduced the time duration of knee surgery considerably. Post-surgery recovery is known to be speedy after arthroscopic surgery.


Importance Of Post-Surgical Care:


Successful completion of knee joint replacement surgery is not the end of the patient’s treatment. Your knee surgeon in Breach Candy Hospital Mumbai will schedule regular follow-ups and ask you to follow some restrictions till you recover from the after-effects of surgery.


The restrictions promote the healing of the operated knee. It allows for the artificial knee joint to adjust with the surrounding tissue and resume its functions. Other than these restrictions, allied treatment methods like physiotherapy and medicinal therapy play a pivotal role in the recovery after knee replacement surgery.


Medicines For Recovery After Knee Surgery:


Almost all patients are prescribed medication to help them recover after knee joint surgery. Let us have a look at some medicines that hasten post-surgery recovery.


  • Anti-inflammatory

Anti-inflammatory drugs in the form of oral tablets, syrups, or injections help to control the swelling and pain associated with knee joint surgery. These drugs prevent the accumulation of fluids around the newly operated knee joint that would have prevented normal knee joint functioning.


  • Antibiotics

Post-surgery infection of the knee joint is not unheard of after knee replacement surgery. Antibiotics are almost always prescribed to patients to prevent infection. Recovery after knee surgery is a long procedure, and the development of any infection would only complicate it.


  • Steroids

Steroids prevent reactions like extreme inflammatory response, severe allergic reaction and other physiological reactions that would do more harm than good to patients who are recovering from knee joint replacement surgery. Patients with a sensitive consitution may be prescribed steroids to hasten their recovery after knee joint surgery.


It is important to note that patients are not allowed to buy the above-mentioned drugs off the shelf without a prescription. The dosage and repetition of the medicines is decided by an orthopedic surgeon in Saifee Hospital Mumbai after a thorough physical evaluation of the patient.


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